EX2100 Excitation Control

EX2100 Excitation Control
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The GE Energy EX2100 Excitation Control System is an advanced generator excitation platform. This excitation system is comprised of multiple controllers, power bridges, and a protection module, along with the transformers.The boards for this system are stocked, tested, and repaired at AX Control.

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IS200EACFG2B Description: The IS200EACFG2B is a 1000V Exciter AC Feedback Board included in the GE Energy EX2100 Excitation Control Series. This specific model of EACF is a B revision board and continues to be available on the industrial automation surplus market despite having been discontinued by GE. In Stock Ships Today
IS200EACFG3A The GE Energy IS200EACFG3A AC Feedback Board is referenced in General Electric manuals and documentation as the abbreviation EACF and is part of the EX2100 Excitation Control System. Call for Availability
IS200EBKPG1A The GE IS200EBKPG1A is an EX2100 Excitation Control Backplane Board with a variety of ports/connectors for control boards, terminal cables, I/O, and more. Information regarding this board specifically can be found in the Instruction Manual GEI-100460. In Stock Ships Today
IS200ECTBG2A GE IS200ECTBG2A Exciter Contact Terminal Board for the EX2100 Excitation Control System. The ECTBG2, contrary to the G1, is used specifically in the Simplex Mode. The ECTB Board is used to support contact I/O for the Excitation System. Call for Availability
IS200EDEXG1A The GE IS200EDEXG1A functions as the primary PCB in an EX2100 De-Excitation Module and specifically functions to allow conduction sensing feedback, voltage retention during power failure, and de-excitation firing. The product manual for the IS200EDEXG1A is GEI-100466. In Stock Ships Today
IS200EGDMH1A The IS200EGDMH1A EX2100 Exciter Field Ground Detector Board is mounted in the control cabinet and more specifically in the control power supply module. The Instruction Manual for the IS200EGDMH1A is publication number GEI-100467. In Stock Ships Today