CTC Parker Automation


P1 and P1H PowerStations

CTC Parker Automation Display Based Panel HMI VGA PowerStations

PA Series PowerStations

The CTC-Parker PA Series PowerStations features HMI panels available in multiple display configurations including ranging in size from 5" to 15". They also feature an all-in-one PC board with serial and ethernet ports.

PS Series PowerStations

The PS Series by Parker CTC features high-quality touchscreen powerstation interfaces with options such as TFT Color, Operator/User Panels, and Power Control. The PS PowerStations give the user a lot more control and options than any other operator interface unit. The flexible design allows you to create your own interface unit using expansion kits, hardware configurations, and interface design that meets your automation needs. The PowerStations series is made of up a variety of models that have the same basic function but are also equipped with special features like the Remote System PowerStation.