LK Series

The Keyence LK Series features laser displacement sensor heads which allow the user to obtain precise measurements. Various controllers and cables are available along with the sensor heads in order to facilitate the production line. Our large inventory of New and Remanufactured Keyence LK Series Sensors and Controllers enables us to pass them on to our customers at extremely competitive prices.

LK-G3000 Series

The Keyence LK-G3000 offers unparalleled precision from the updated sensors it provices. A multifunctional controller allows the operator to make simply modifications and alterations.

LK-G5000 Series

The Keyence LK-G5000 Series comes equipped with a multitude of features including a few High-Speed/High Accuracy Sensors, as well as a wide array of specific controller options. The LK series newest models comes standard with never before seen technology at prices that are well under industry standard.

CV-3000 Series

Keyence CV-3000 Series Vision High Speed Digital Machine Vision Multi-Camera System. This product line includes a wide variety of Vision Sensors, Cameras, Cables, and Controllers.

KV Series PLC

The Keyence KV PLC Series features Super Small Micro PLCs with expansion units for I/O. These PLCs are a low cost, high quality alternative to other notable PLC lines.

Visual KV Series

The Visual KV Series by Keyence features compact PLC units with built-in AC power supplies. These easy-to-use modules allow real-time monitoring and fast processing with user-friendly Windows ladder software.

CV-500 Series

The CV-500 Series by Keyence features built-in monitor Vision Systems, with easy operation via remote control, as well as digital interfaces and simple I/O connections.