GE Multilin

The GE Multilin 469 Motor Management Relay is a product of GE Digital Energy that utilizes an advanced microprocessor based relay to protect and manage motors of varying horsepowers and other associated equipment.

The GE Multilin 489 Generator Management Relay product line by GE Digital Energy consists of customizable (via order code option selection) microprocessor based relays that allow the user to protect and manage both induction generators and synchronous generators. AX Control stocks, repairs, and purchases 489 Generator Management Relays. Please contact us today.

The GE Multilin 239 Motor Protection Relay provides complete protection for 3 phase AC motor and minimizes the possiblity of damage in the application. Contact AX Control today for a firm quotation, warranty, and lead time.

The 750/760 Feeder Management Relay Series by GE Digital Energy & GE Multilin is designed for a wide variety of application and therefore features a range of order options to customize appropriately. Please contact our AX Control sales representatives for condition, lead time, and warranty on the specific model needed for your application.

The GE Multilin 745 Transformer Protection System by GE Consumer and Industrial. This system consists of High Speed, Multi-Processor Based Transformer Relays for Small, Medium, and Large Power Transformers.

The GE Multilin 269 Plus Motor Protection System is a series of integrated protection and control for AC motors in industrial applications. The 269 Plus series features a variety of features that can be customized via the order code to alter the control power, phase CT, etc. AX Control stocks and repairs the 269 Plus Series by GE Multilin and will be happy to provide pricing, warranty, and lead time upon request.

The GE Multilin 369 Motor Management Relay Series by GE Digital Energy features customizable relays that enable the user to monitor and protect three phase motors in industrial applications. AX Control Stocks and Repairs the Multilin 369 Series. Call for pricing, lead time, and warranty today.

GE Multilin Series of Motor Management Relays. Protection and Control for AC Motors. In Stock and Ready to Ship!

The GE Multilin 565/575 Feeder Management Relay Series is designed to protect 3 phase feeders by monitoring phase current, ground current, and voltage. Users must use the order codes provided by the manufacturer to specify the options needed on the relay for their given application.

850 Series Feeder Protection and Control System by GE Multilin.

The GE Multilin 350 relays serve as a feeder protection and control system. A product of GE Digital Energy Group, these relays are designed for overcurrent protection on medium and low voltage distribution feeders.

The GE Multilin UR Series by GE Industrial Systems is a modular protection and control relay series.

The GE Multilin 139 Series Motor Protection Relays were formerly sold under Multilin which was a division of Derlan Manufacturing. The function of these relays is to monitor and protect 3 phase AC Motors.

The GE Multlin 169 Motor Management Series provides precise and total protection/monitoring for motors in industrial facilities. The relays match to a motor one to one to ensure that feedback is provided on each mechanical component monitored.