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Product Code: 350-E-P1-G1-L-S-S-N-N-SN-N

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350-E-P0-G0-H-E-E-N-N-SN-N-N The 350-E-P0-G0-H-E-E-N-N-SN-N-N model is one of the Feeder Protection Systems produced by GE Multilin. This model has extended overcurrent protection. The 350-E-P0-G0-H-E-E-N-N-SN-N-N relay also features a standard USB in the front with an RS485 port on the rear of the model. In Stock Ships Today
350-E-P1-G1-H-E-E-N-M-3E-D-N General Electric Feeder Protection Multilin High-Voltage System 350-E-P1-G1-H-E-E-N-M-3E-D-N with an Extended Configuration and 10 Inputs, 7 Outputs. While this unit does have Voltage Metering and a drawout case design, it does not have conformal coating or control selections. Call for Availability
350-E-P1-G1-H-E-M-C-N-3E-D-N Feeder Protection Relay 350-E-P1-G1-H-E-M-C-N-3E-D-N has a power supply of 110-250 VDC or 110-230 VAC. This model has a draw-out design. This relay does not have a harsh conformal coating. Call for Availability
350-E-P1-G1-H-E-S-C-M-3E-D-H The 350-E-P1-G1-H-E-S-C-M-3E-D-H Protection System is a model that does not have any programmable LEDs. The language on this device is English. This protection system can be used in harsh environments due to its conformal coating. Call for Availability
350-E-P5-G5-H-E-E-N-N-1E-D-N The Multilin Feeder Protection System 350-E-P5-G5-H-E-E-N-N-1E-D-N by General Electric comes standard with No Control Selection, No Conformal Coating, and No Additional Functions. However, this unit does feature Voltage Metering and an Easy-Access draw-out case design for simple management and control of your entire system line. In Stock Ships Today
350-E-P5-G5-H-E-S-N-M-1E-D-N GE's Multilin 350-E-P5-G5-H-E-S-N-M-1E-D-N High-Voltage Feeder Protection System comes in a Standard Configuration, with Front USB, Rear RS485, and Modbus RTU. This series is formed of multiple variations of microprocessor-based relays to be used as primary or backup over-current protection of medium or low-voltage distribution feeders. Call for Availability
350-E-P5-G5-H-E-S-N-M-SN-D-N The High-Voltage General Electric Feeder Protection Multilin System 350-E-P5-G5-H-E-S-N-M-SN-D-N comes in a Standard Configuration with 10 Inputs and 7 Outputs. While this unit does allow for Voltage Metering, it does not have conformal coating, control selections, or programmable LEDs. In Stock Ships Today
350-E-P5-G5-H-E-S-N-N-1E-D-N Model number 350-E-P5-G5-H-E-S-N-N-1E-D-N is one of the protection relays that have no special controls or other selection options. The model has a drawout case design with a keypad. In Stock Ships 3-5 Days
350-E-P5-G5-H-E-S-N-N-SN-D-N Intuitive and Innovative Feeder Protection Relay Model 350-E-P5-G5-H-E-S-N-N-SN-D-N has no control selections and does not have a harsh environment coating. There is only a standard communication type available with this model. In Stock Ships Today
350-E-P5-G5-L-E-S-N-N-SN-D-N The 350-E-P5-G5-L-E-S-N-N-SN-D-N Feeder Protection System is one of the low voltage options that only operates at 24 to 48 VDC. It does have a drawout case. The relay does not have any programmable LEDs as noted by the E order option following the 350. In Stock Ships Today
350-E-P5-S5-H-E-S-N-P-1E-N-H Designed with both standard and ethernet communications the 350-E-P5-S5-H-E-S-N-P-1E-N-H model has a harsh environmental coating and is not a drawout case. There are several element types available with this model such as ground directional, phase, and neutral elements. Call for Availability
350-L-P5-G5-H-E-E-N-M-1E-D-N Model 350-L-P5-G5-H-E-E-N-M-1E-D-N is a Feeder Protection Relay System within the General Electric Multilin 350 series that utilizes an easily serviceable Drawout Case Design and is capable of monitoring, controlling, and safeguarding medium and large motors. In Stock Ships 3-5 Days