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Pro-face Xycom


The GP3000 Series by Pro-Face Xycom features a flat panel LCD monitor and rack mount for easy use of its HMI software.


The PS3000 Series by Pro-Face Xycom features 12.1" monitors with replaceable backlight, touch-panel mouse emulation in an aluminum body. Also offers the option of Windows XP or Windows XP embedded OS and Pentium or ULV Celeron CPU.


The PS4000 Series by Pro-Face Xycom features an option of 15" or 19" monitors as well as either a Core 2 Duo P8400 or Atom N270 processors. Includes simple HDD removal, and diskless compatability with XP Pro.


The APL3000 Series by Pro-Face Xycom features a displayless node with a variety of connectivity and data protection options. Also includes a high-performance Core Duo CPU and simple HDD removal with the option of AC or DC units.

Legacy Displays

The Pro-Face Xycom Legacy Displays feature a wide range of display sizes, as well as enhanced visibility and DVI compatability. They also offer the ability to maintain hardware cutout compatability as new models become available.


The GP4000 Series by Pro-Face Xycom features powerful HMI functionality, connectivity, and full compatability with other Pro-Face legacy products. This easy-to-use remote monitor is energy-saving, and includes quick on-site recovery. The GP4000 allows the user to communicate with their PLC or other device.