Pro-face Xycom


The GP4000 Series by Pro-Face Xycom features powerful HMI functionality, connectivity, and full compatability with other Pro-Face legacy products. This easy-to-use remote monitor is energy-saving, and includes quick on-site recovery. The GP4000 allows the user to communicate with their PLC or other device.


The GP3000 Series by Pro-Face Xycom features a flat panel LCD monitor and rack mount for easy use of its HMI software.


The PS3000 Series by Pro-Face Xycom features 12.1" monitors with replaceable backlight, touch-panel mouse emulation in an aluminum body. Also offers the option of Windows XP or Windows XP embedded OS and Pentium or ULV Celeron CPU.


The PS4000 Series by Pro-Face Xycom features an option of 15" or 19" monitors as well as either a Core 2 Duo P8400 or Atom N270 processors. Includes simple HDD removal, and diskless compatability with XP Pro.


The APL3000 Series by Pro-Face Xycom features a displayless node with a variety of connectivity and data protection options. Also includes a high-performance Core Duo CPU and simple HDD removal with the option of AC or DC units.

Legacy Displays

The Pro-Face Xycom Legacy Displays feature a wide range of display sizes, as well as enhanced visibility and DVI compatability. They also offer the ability to maintain hardware cutout compatability as new models become available.