Red Lion


G3 Series HMIs

The Red Lion G3 Series HMIs primarily allows users to combine powerful and unique features which gives the operator interface terminal a loyal operating system. The system comes with a highly reliable core that has integrated features which provides SCADA-like functions. The G3 Series of HMIs has a wide range of analog resistive touchscreen used primarily in indoor applcations.

G3 Series Option Card

Option Cards produced by Red Lion to use in conjunction with the G3 Series are primarily used to help enhance not only the flexibility of the G3 Series models but to more functionalities as well as provide higher speeds and parallel architecture. The option cards also enhance how quickly that the G3 Series will evolve alongside the latest updates.

CR1000 and CR3000 HMIs

In conjunction with the Crimson development software, Red Lion’s CR1000 and CR3000 Operator Interface Terminals allow your company and its system operators to easily adapt as needs change and operations grow.

Graphite HMIs

The 7" to 15" Graphite Series of Human-Machine Interfaces Convert up to 20 Industrial Protocols with over 300 Supported Drivers. These HMI's have a high tolerance for Operating Temps, Mechanical Vibration, and Electrical Shock due to its cast-aluminum housing.

Graphite HMI Expansion Modules

The Graphite HMI Family by Red Lion allows users to monitor and control large industrial equipment to meet specific application requirements by connecting expansion modules to address data acquisition, communication, and PID control. The Graphite Operator Terminals allow the user to share data with Personal Computers, PLCs, and SCADA systems.