G3 Series Option Card

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3 Year Warranty

Option Cards produced by Red Lion to use in conjunction with the G3 Series are primarily used to help enhance not only the flexibility of the G3 Series models but to more functionalities as well as provide higher speeds and parallel architecture. The option cards also enhance how quickly that the G3 Series will evolve alongside the latest updates.

Part Number Description Manuals Stock Level
G3CN0000 Part number G3CN0000 is one of the additional option cards provided by Red Lion for the G3 Series. This model interfaces with high-speed communication ports. When configuring this card alongside the G3 HMIs it must be done using the Crimson software of 2.0 or later. Call for Availability
G3DN0000 The G3DN0000 option card is a DeviceNet card that is used as an expansion for the G3 Series HMIs. The card helps ensure that the device has up-to-date standards. The card can only be used in non-hazardous or class one, division two, groups A, B, C, and D hazardous locations. Call for Availability
G3ENET00 The G3ENET00 model is an Ethernet option card used for G3 operator interface terminals by helping expand the functionality of the basic interface terminals. When the option card is used with any of the operator interface terminals it will draw all of the needed power from the terminal itself. Call for Availability
G3MPI000 The G3MPI000 option card has an expansion card slot that has two LEDs that give information on the operating state. The two states are either red or green. The required software for the G3MPI card is Crimson 2.0 or later software. Call for Availability
G3PBDP00 The G3PBDP00 card was designed as a Profibus option card to connect to the G3 Series operator interface terminals designed by Red Lion. Data tags associated with this model can be configured to an input or output block. The input block can only write data and the output block can only read data. Call for Availability
G3USBHC0 The G3USBHC0 card can only be attached to the G306A operator interface terminal produced by Red Lion and is used in hazardous and non-hazardous locations. The software needed to operate this card is Crimson 3.0 or later and is downloaded from Red Lion. In Stock Ships 3-5 Days