Horner Electric


HE500 Series

The Horner Electric HE500 Series features operator control stations that provides controller, networking, I/O and operator interface capabilities in one unit. The series features various sizes and key layouts to better suit your needs.

Horner HE693OIU

The Horner Electric HE693OIU series features digital operator interface modules with LCD displays. The HE693OIU is used in conjunction with the Horner SmartStack Series. These interface module work with the SmartStack Series and allow the user to view information about the device, adjust machine setpoints, and view data sent from the device. We have a variety of models in stock in both reconditioned and new conditions.


The Horner Electric HE800 Series consists of many analog I/O modules with features such as SmartStack technology, and various relay and logic options. The HE300 Line's design allows for the user to stack I/O modules on top of other modules and PLC's for a efficient and compact device.