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AutoMax PLC

The Reliance AutoMax PLC Line provides a Distributed Control System (DCS). The AutoMax processor provides the capability to run a ladder logic program as well as BASIC and control block programs. Originally AutoMate, the product line was reclassified as part of the DCS 5000 System and eventually changed to AutoMax. The AutoMax DCS family was discontinued by Rockwell Automation (known for Allen Bradley) in 2005 but continues to be available due to the large inventory we have built up over the years.

Shark XL

The Reliance Electric Shark XL Series consists of several options for your automation needs: processor modules, power supplies, CPU modules, racks, and I/O modules. Many are in stock and can ship today. Call today to order!

GV3000 Drives

The GV3000 Drive line was discontinued by Rockwell Automation as of 2009. These multi-purpose drives satisfy almost all stand-alone and variable speed motor needs.The GV3000 drives provide general regulation for a large range of applications that require adjustable speed control of the motors. They come in three distinct styles as pictured above. All styles are chassis style drives that are designed to be installed inside a cabinet.

BRU Series

Reliance Electro-Craft BRU Series Servo Drive

FlexPak 3000

The FlexPak 3000 DC Drive Line provides Power Modules which operate from either local or remote operator controls. They have been installed in many offshore destinations and are available in either open chassis, NEMA Type 12, or NEMA 4X. The FlexPak 3000 Power Module digital DC drive controller is ideal for configured drive applications where maximum wiring and panel flexibility is needed. When looking for the parts you need, just search for your part number, or you can call our team today for expert service and support. We have a large inventory of discontinued or obsolete parts, and we provide a free standard warranty with every purchase.

BRU-200 Series

In Stock Ships 3-5 days 1-800-991-7026 International 1-919-372-8413 The BRU-200 is a high preformance industrial drive that is designed for single axis and multi-axis applications. The BRU-200 drives are used to power S-Series and F-Series motors and all models use the same type of power source. We have a variety of BRU-200 models to match any of your automation needs.

BRU-500 Series

In Stock Ships 3-5 days 1-800-991-7026 International 1-919-372-8413 The BRU-500 series drives are high power and preformance industrial drives. The BRU-500 is designed for single axis or multi-axis applications and can power the S-Series and F-Series motors. They are available in a variety of designs to fit your automation needs.

SP500 AC Drives

The SP500 AC Drive line manufactured by Reliance Electric and owned by Rockwell offers a low cost alternative along with advanced technology and high performance. The durability, water resistent enclosure, and dust tight casing of SP500 drives makes them a clear choice for harsh environments. They were discontinued by Rockwell Automation in 2009. Our SP500 Inventory of New and Reconditioned Drives is among the most comprehensive in the world. The SP500 offers advanced technology to provide high performance and flexibility at an affordable price.

BSA Series

The Electro-Craft Reliance Electric BSA Series Brushless Servo Amplifiers consists of high performance square wave current servos that are suited to single or multi-axis applications. We have most, if not all, models currently in stock. The BSA Series is used to power brushless motors that are equipped with codor feedback as well as the S-Series, F-Series, and LD-Series motors. The BSA series are designed to be mounted on a flat surface in a clean and dry environment.

MD60 Drives

The MD60 Reliance drive line is manufactured by Rockwell Automation and replaces the obsolete drive lines discontinued in 2009. These drives are easy to install and use, including all necessary components within the drive itself. These AC Drives range from 1/4HP (0.25HP) to 5HP and have an optional installation kit that can accompany them for NEMA 1 / IP30. The MD60 includes a built-in LED display as well as operator controls, including a single turn potentiometer for speed reference. Built-in dynamic braking circuitry only requires the addition of a braking resistor to meet higher performance application needs to handle fast accel & decel rates.

MD65 Drives

The Reliance MD65 AC drive line is the newest addition to the Micro Drive Family manufactured by Rockwell Automation. These drives are ready to go out of the box and utilize specific software for either Volts/Hertz or Sensorless Vector Control. In addition, it comes standard with an easily readable LED display and operator controller. The MD65 AC Drives include features such as eight programmable preset speeds, a drive mounted operator interface module, and an auto restart option.

Drive Boards

We carry a large inventory of various Reliance Electric Drive Boards, many of which are new in the original manufacturers box. These obsolete products are available at the lowest prices, with the shortest lead time and the longest warranty in the industry. We have a variety of Reliance Electric Drive Board that will match you automation needs.

Rectifiers & Misc.

Reliance Electric offers many options for rectifier stacks, contactors, and dynamic braking, ranging from small contact kits to large thyristor stacks. Call today for a quote!

DC1 Drives

The Reliance DC1 Drives consist of two main parts: the Reliance solid state controllers and the Reliance D-C motors. The solid-state controllers convert single-phase A-C line power to adjustable D-C power for various armature control. They are compatible with all permanent magnet and wound field Reliance D-C motors. The Drives are equipped with standard features such as run/stop control, short circuit protection, and motor overload protection. The DC1 should be installed in a clean and dry environment to protect your drive from any damages.

DC2 Drives

The Reliance DC2 Drive Line was discontinued in 2009 as Rockwell Automation phased out the entire Reliance Drive Line. These adjustable speed drives provide application flexibility and can be applied with many industrial applications. The Drive Line is available in both a open chassis or a NEMA enclosure to protect from damages. DC2 Variable Speed Drives merge application flexibility, compact size and reliability into a simple and affordable adjustable speed package that brings the performance you need for any of your industrial applications.

DC3 Drives

The Reliance DC3 DC Drive Line offers drives that are both plate-style chassis designs and NEMA enclosed designs. Because these drives are no longer available from the manufacturer, we have built up a large inventory of surplus to provide our customers with the most quality drives on the market. DC3 drives are available in both plate-style chassis designs, as well as NEMA 1 and NEMA 4X/12 enclosed designs, making it easy to find a model that will meet your application needs. DC3N: Simple non-regenerative driveDC3E: Non-regenerative drive with isolated 0-10 VDC and 4-20 mA inputsDC3R: Regenerative driveDC3RI: Regenerative drive with isolated +/- 10 VDC and 4-20 mA inputs inputsDC3D: Regenerative drive with a membrane keypad and corresponding LEDs Every DC3 product carries UL, cUL, and CE certification labels, testifying to product quality and robustness.

MinPak Plus

The MinPak Plus Drive Line consists of single phase drives in a NEMA 4 enclosure as well as three phase drives in NEMA 12. Modification kits and a variety of special features are available to transition these drives to specific application requirements. The Reliance Drive line was discontinued by Rockwell Automation in 2009. MinPak Plus drives offer standard features and options along with a mixture of modification kits to set the drives to your specific application needs.

ImPak Plus

Reliance Electric ImPak Plus VS Drives. DC Drive Series In stock Ships Today

FlexPak Plus

The FlexPak Plus Drive Line provides non-regenerative and regenerative applications and single-phase and three-phase chassis for a wide variation of HP drives. The Chassis type configuration allows for the Flexpak to be panel mounted within a larger application. A collection of modification kits are available to set the FlexPak Plus to specific application requirements. AX Control have a collection of Flexpak models available for any of your automation requirements.

GV6000 Drives

In Stock Ships 3-5 days 1-800-991-7026 International 1-919-372-8413 The Reliance Electric GV6000 is a multipurpose industrial AC drive that provides three methods of control without the need for a expensive or complicated option boards: V/Hz Control SVC (Sensorless Vector Control) FVC (Flux Vector Control) - with or without an encoder The GV6000 drive provides you with simplicity and broad application flexibility as well as the performance needed for the most demanding applications. The zero stacking package allows the incorporation of the GV6000 into devices where high power density is needed. Ideal for stand-alone or retrofit applications, the GV6000 high performance drive is the easiest drive to use in its class. The GV6000 high preformance drive is ideal for retrofit or stand alone applications and provides a simple drive option for any of your application needs.

GP-1200 Drives

The Reliance GP-1200 Series features several drives with various horsepower and voltage capabilites. These drives combines flexibility and reliablity into one compact and affordable drive. The GP-1200 drives consist of two major parts, a local operator controller and a Reliance motor. The Reliance GP-1200 series includes various models that will fit your automation needs. These units are 3-phase AC drives that are in stock and ready to ship!

GP-2000 Drives

The Reliance GP-2000 Series consists of 3-Phase AC Drives with varying Horse-Power Speeds, Nema Enclosures, and Voltages. These drives are sturdy and built to last.

SP120 AC Drives

The Reliance Electric SP120 AC Drive Series consists of compact drives with a built in keypad for single phase or three phase control. The SP120 model number is designed based on the drives technical specifications. These drives can be purcahsed with input voltages 115V 230V and 460V. To keep the SP120 drive from becoming damaged, mount the drive in on a flat surface in a dry and safe environment. We stock these drives and can provide a manual if necessary, detailing the parameters necessary to program your drive.

SP200 AC Drives

The Reliance Electric SP200 AC Drive Line features variable speed control, small dimensionality, and convenient DIN rail mounting. The SP200 Drive Line is a compact line designed for machine or cabinet mounting. These drives are available in ratings that can be powered by single phase or three phase power sources. We have a variety of Reliance Electric SP200 AC Drives to meet your automation needs. Please give us a call or shoot us an email for product availability or for a manual detailing drive parameters.

HR500 Servo

This high performance brushless servo drive and motor line, although now obsolete, continues to provide an industrial design that is engineered to maximize performance. The HR500 is made up of a high preformance controller with a common DC bus construction. Thes drives are high preformance drives made in a compact size for a affordable rate. The controllers can operate on either single or three-phase 230VAC and have AC/DC power conversion available. The HR500 includes features such as a LED display, 50/60 Hz input, and a AC to DC power converter. We have a variety of models in stock to match your automation needs.

HR2000 Servo

The Reliance Electric (Baldor) HR2000 Series consists of brushless AC servo controllers and motors. These controllers consist of a single board hybrid based regulator, remote fault contact, and precise speed control from base speed down to zero speed. There are two type of high preformance NEMA motors available with the HR2000. Becuase of the HR2000's flexibility, it can be used with a traditional drive or other servo applications. Some features the HR2000 comes equipped with include diagnostic LED's, line to line circut protection, and 50/60 Hz input.

Vectrive AC Servo

The Reliance Electric Vectrive and Vectrive C series consist of AC Servo Drives/Amplifiers. We continue to stock these drives despite their obsolesence.

VZ3000 Series

Reliance Electric VZ3000 VZ3000G Digital AC Servo Control High Performance Inverter.