DC3 Drives

DC3 Drives
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The Reliance DC3 DC Drive Line offers drives that are both plate-style chassis designs and NEMA enclosed designs. Because these drives are no longer available from the manufacturer we have built up a large inventory of surplus to provide our customers with the most quality drives on the market. DC3 drives are available in both plate-style chassis designs, as well as NEMA 1 and NEMA 4X/12 enclosed designs, making it easy to find a model that will meet your application needs. DC3N: Simple non-regenerative driveDC3E: Non-regenerative drive with isolated 0-10 VDC and 4-20 mA inputsDC3R: Regenerative driveDC3RI: Regenerative drive with isolated +/- 10 VDC and 4-20 mA inputs inputsDC3D: Regenerative drive with a membrane keypad and corresponding LEDs Every DC3 product carries UL, cUL, and CE certification labels, testifying to product quality and robustness.

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DC3N-12D-00-010-AI In Stock! Reliance Electric Rockwell DC3 10A Motor Speed Controller. Call Now! Call
DC3N-12D-00-010-AN Reliance Electric Rockwell DC3 DC3N Motor Speed Controller Drive. Call Now! Call
DC3N-12D-01-010-AN In Stock! Reliance Electric Rockwell DC3 NEMA 1 Input 1/4-2 HP Drive. Call Now! In Stock Ships Today
DC3N-12D-4X-010-AI Reliance Electric Rockwell DC3 DC3E Motor Controller . Call Now! Call
DC3N-12D-4X-010-AN In Stock! Reliance Electric Rockwell DC3 1 Phase NEMA Drive. Call Now! Call
DC3R-12D-00-010-AI Reliance Electric Rockwell DC3 12AMP 1 Phase 1 Phase DC Drive. Call Now! Call
DC3R-12D-00-010-AN Motor Controller With Heat Sink Call
DC3R-12D-4X-010-DN Reliance Electric Rockwell DC3 1 Phase Motor Controller Drive. Call Now! Call