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Mark V DS200

The GE General Electric Speedtronic Mark V Gas Turbine Control System is a version of GE's long series of highly reliable electro-hydraulic control (EHC) systems for Steam and Gas Turbine Control. The Mark V Gas Turbine Control System fulfills all gas turbine control requirements while providing a considerable level of reliability through advanced protections and multiple redundancies. Each product in our inventory is tested and ready to ship. We are proud to offer a substantial inventory of these critical boards and provide a standard warranty with each and every purchase. Search for your specific part number or call our support team today.

Mark VI IS200

The GE General Electric Mark VI Speedtronic Turbine Control System is the current state-of-the-art control for GE Turbines. It is a complete integrated control system with protection and monitoring for generator and mechanical drive applications of gas and steam turbines.

EX2100 & EX2100e Excitation Control

The GE Energy EX2100 Excitation Control System is an advanced generator excitation platform. This excitation system is comprised of multiple controllers, power bridges, and a protection module, along with the transformers. GE EX2100 Excitation Systems will seamlessly integrate with turbine controls, static starters, distributed control systems, and human-machine interfaces (HMI)—no third-party interfaces or gateways are necessary. AX Control thoroughly tests and cleans all our products and keeps a large, ready-to-shop inventory. Search for your specific part number, and give us a call today.

Mark VIe & Mark VIeS Control Systems

The General Electric Mark VIe and Mark VIeS Stand-Alone Control System is a flexible controller platform that facilitates processes via single board processor with scalable power. It incorporates built-in power supplies and runs using the ControlST Software Suite designed for functions including configuration, operation, and maintenance. The Mark VIe and VIeS systems give users the ability to connect with basic process control systems while also being scalable and having a common configuration. In other words, they allow for more efficient safety procedures that are less costly overall. Browse our extensive inventory of replacement parts and call today.

LS2100 & LS2100e Static Starter Control

The GE Energy LS2100 Static Starter Control System is an adjustable speed AC drive application that functions to start a Gas Turbine Generator set. This system serves to accelerate the turbine set and to provide an optimal array of starting conditions for the Gas Turbine. AX Control continues to stock, sell, and repair the LS2100 Static Starter system.

Mark VIe Wind Turbine

The Mark VIe Wind series by GE provides wind energy generation through the use of Mark VIe printed circuit boards. While this may not exist as an official General Electric product series from the Mark VIe; notable hardware differences exist between Mark VIe Wind Turbine-geared models and other Mark VIe printed circuit board product offerings, leading to our adoption of this unique series. With this in mind, the circuit boards and drive system assembly components featured here in the Mark VIe Wind Series do still possess the built-in power supplies and ControlST Software Suite seen in other Mark VIe Series product offerings.

193x Boards

Please check out the GE General Electric 193x Series. We have a large inventory of New and Remanufactured Boards in stock

Mark IV DS3800

The GE General Electric Speedtronic Mark IV Gas Turbine Control System continues to be a reliable solution despite the obsolescence of the of series. This series offers a robust and dependable control system that is extremely well-suited for its application. If you're looking for a reliable, tested product that is ready to ship, look no further than our extensive inventory. We are proud to offer a wide selection of replacement parts for the GE Mark IV gas turbine control system, and we provide a standard warranty with each purchase. Search for your unique part number, or give our support team a call today.

531x Boards

We carry a large inventory of GE Boards, PC Boards, Interface Cards, Terminal Boards, Etc. Give us a call today.

Mark I-II IC3600

Some of the earliest versions of the GE (General Electric) Gas Turbine Control Systems were the Mark I and Mark II product lines. Once cutting edge technology with a massive globally installed customer base, the Mark I and Mark II series are now rarely used in live applications. As with all the obsolete and legacy product lines listed on our website, we intend on continuing to stock and market these boards until the last of these systems are decommissioned.


The GE Speedtronic Series features PC Drive Boards with options such as monitoring power supplies, 2-channel vibration, shaft voltage monitoring, oscillators, and much more.