BSA Series

BSA Series
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The Electro-Craft Reliance Electric BSA Series Brushless Servo Amplifiers consists of high performance square wave current servos that are suited to single or multi-axis applications. We have most if not all models currently in stock. The BSA Series is used to power brushless motors that are equipped with codor feedback as well as the S-Series, F-Series, and LD-Series motors. The BSA series are designed to be mounted on a flat surface in a clean and dry enviornment.

Part Number Description Manuals Stock Level
9106-0001 ElectroCraft Reliance 9106-0001 120 VAC Phase 1 Brushless Servo Drive In Stock Ships Today
9106-0002 ElectroCraft Reliance 9106-0002 BSA-30 120VAC Brushless Servo Amp Drive Call
9106-0003 ElectroCraft Reliance 9106-0003 Phase 1 120 VAC BSA Series Drive Call
9106-0081 ElectroCraft Reliance 9106-0081 120 VAC Phase 1 Brushless Servo Motor Controller In Stock Ships 3-5 Days
9106-0082 Reliance Electric 9106-0082 120VAC Servo Drive for BSA Series Model BSA-30 Call
9106-0083 Reliance Electric 9106-0083 Phase 1 50/60 Hz 120 VAC Motor Controller Call
BSA-15 Servo Amplifier w/ Input 120VAC 1 Phase 50/60 Hz and Output 120VAC 0-400 Hz In Stock Ships Today
BSA-30 ElectroCraft Reliance BSA-30 120 VAC Phase 1 50/60 Hz BSA Series Motor Controller In Stock Ships 3-5 Days
BSA-30X ElectroCraft Reliance BSA-30X BSA Series 120VAC Brushless Servo Amplifier Call