G3 Series HMIs

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The Red Lion G3 Series HMIs primarily allows users to combine powerful and unique features which gives the operator interface terminal a loyal operating system. The system comes with a highly reliable core that has integrated features which provides SCADA-like functions. The G3 Series of HMIs has a wide range of analog resistive touchscreen used primarily in indoor applcations.

Part Number Description Manuals Stock Level
G303M000 Interface Terminal G303M000 is an Operator Interface model that can only be used in indoor applications. The unit has a textured finish with embossed keys. The model can be programmed through Ethernet, serial, or USB communications. In Stock Ships 3-5 Days
G303S000 Model number G303S000 is part of the G3 Series of HMI's which can be used in indoor and outdoor applications. The keys on this model are not embossed. The screen on this model is 3.2" and has a yellow LED backlight that supports simple text and graphics. In Stock Ships 3-5 Days
G306A000 Graphic Color LCD Operator Interface Terminal with TFT QVGA Display and Touchscreen HMI G306A000 has a five-button keypad used with on-screen menus. This model was designed for through-panel mounting and requires a NEMA 4X/IP66 seal. In Stock Ships 3-5 Days
G306M000 Designed by Red Lion as an HMI in the G3 Series the G306M000 model can be used on a power supply of 24 VDC in indoor applications. The power supply rating for this model is around seven and a half watts. The LCD color type for this model is FSTN. In Stock Ships 3-5 Days
G306M010 The G306M010 is one of the four monochromatic LCD operator interface terminals available from the Red Lion G3 Series. This model operates on 12 VDC with a maximum power of 8.5 Watts. Call for Availability
G306MS00 Model number G306MS00 is a QVGA Touchscreen Model that can be used in either indoor or outdoor applications. The model has a glossy finish and UV-rated overlay. The power supply voltage for this model is twenty-four volts of direct current. In Stock Ships 3-5 Days
G306MS10 Red Lion G3 Series HMI G306MS10 is a monochrome LCD operator interface terminal and comes with a QVGA touchscreen and display. This model has the capability to be used in indoor and outdoor applications due to its UV-rated overlay. In Stock Ships 3-5 Days
G308A000 The G308A000 model is a Graphic Operator Interface Terminal Equipped with an 8.4-inch VGA Touchscreen and Display. The model features a USB port for quick downloads. All of the data that needs to be entered on this device can be done so through the seven-button keypad. Call for Availability
G308A210 The ports on the G308A210 model have isolated comm ports with a USB host port as well. This model is used in indoor applications and has seven keys, the seven keys on the available keypad help display the menu. The display of this model is a TFT color display. In Stock Ships 3-5 Days
G308A230 Designed with an analog touchscreen with a TFT Display the G308A230 Operator Interface Terminal has dual Ethernet ports as well as isolated comms. This model can only be used in indoor applications, using the model in outdoor applications can potentially cause issues with the terminal. Call for Availability
G308C000 The G308C000 model was designed with a resistive analog touchscreen and has a DSTN-type display. The brightness of this model is 120 candelas per square meter. The keypad associated with the G308C000 only has seven keys and helps with the on-screen menus. In Stock Ships Today
G308C100 The Red Lion G308C100 TFT Operator Interface is equipped with a CompactFlash socket to help increase the terminal's memory capacity. Thirty-two megabytes of non-volatile flash memory is available on this model. In Stock Ships 3-5 Days
G310C000 The G310C000 operator interface terminal can be used in several hazardous locations such as Class III Div 2, Class I Div 2 Groups A, B, C, and D. The keypad on this model is an eight-button keypad to access the on-screen menus. In Stock Ships 3-5 Days
G310C210 The G310C210 model produced by Red Lion is labeled as 10.4 Inch Color Touchscreen. This model can only be used in indoor applications. This model can operate as a 32K VGA 640x480 Pizel LCD or SVGA 800x600 LCD. In Stock Ships 3-5 Days
G310C230 The G310C230 model from Red Lion is equipped with dual Ethernet capabilities and isolated communication ports. This model also has a USB host. The backlight of this model is an LED and will have a typical lifetime of 70,000 hours when at room temperature. Call for Availability
G310R210 Modeled as another 10.4 Inch Color Touchscreen the G310R210 operator interface model has an LCD resolution of 800 x 600 pixels and isolated comms. The backlight lifetime of the G310R210 model is approximately 70,000 hours when being used at room temperature at full capacity. Call for Availability
G310R230 Model number G310R230 is a Red Lion Color Touchscreen model with a ten-point-four-inch TFT/SVGA display. The model has an LED backlight with 32K colors. The backlight of this model has a typical lifetime of 70,000 hours when used at full brightness at room temperature. In Stock Ships 3-5 Days
G310S000 The G310S000 interface has the remarkable capability to combine multiple abilities that are usually expected from high-end units at a more affordable price. The backlight type on this device is an LED which has 50,000 hours available when used at room temperature and full power. In Stock Ships 3-5 Days
G310S210 Red Lion G3 Series HMI number G310S210 can be used in indoor or outdoor applications due to its glossy finish. This model has a single USB host and isolated comms. The brightness on this model is 1000 candelas per square meter and can be reduced when used in low-light settings. In Stock Ships 3-5 Days
G310S230 The G310S230 model is the best model to use in indoor and outdoor applications with its dual Ethernet availability and its isolated communications. When mounting this model please note that a maximum panel thickness of a quarter of an inch is required. Call for Availability
G315C000 The G315C000 is one of few 15-Inch Resistive Analog Touchscreens produced by Red Lion as part of the G3 Series of HMIs. This model has a 27 W power supply. The resolution of this model is 1024 x 768, and the brightness of the touchscreen is around six hundred candelas per square meter. In Stock Ships 3-5 Days
G315C210 The G315C210 model has a built-in web server and FP server/client communications. This model can only be used in indoor applications. The G315C210 operator interface has a singular USB host with a maximum power supply of thirty watts. In Stock Ships 3-5 Days
G315C230 Dual Ethernet and Single USB Host Model G315C230 is a 15-Inch XGA TFT Display Operator Interface Terminal that has a ten-button keypad used for on-screen menus. The mounting of the G315C230 model is specifically designed for through-panel mounting. In Stock Ships 3-5 Days