239 Motor Protection Relay

239 Motor Protection Relay
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        The GE Multilin 239 Motor Protection Relay provides complete protection for 3 phase AC motor and minimizes the possiblity of damage in the application. Contact AX Control today for a firm quotation, warranty, and lead time. 

Part Number Description Manuals Stock Level
239 239 General Electric Relay for Motor Protection with a broad scope of applications. In Stock Ships 3-5 Days
239-RTD GE Multilin Motor Protection Relay 239-RTD is a programmable type mix stator/bearing relay system with copper platinum and nickel. In Stock Ships 3-5 Days
239-RTD-AN The General Electric Multilin 239-RTD-AN is a relay designed to protect AC motors against damage. The AN option is programmable and has a single, analog output that is isolated. Call for Availability
239-RTD-AN-H The General Electric 239-RTD-AN-H is a motor protection relay with features designed to protect AC motors from damage. The H order code affords the additional harsh environmental coating. Call