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Model number 239-RTD-AN is one of the Motor Protection Relays produced by GE Multilin. The relay was designed with an optional single, programmable, analog output. The output is also isolated with the milliamperes being in the range of 0-1, 0-20, and 4-20.
  • Order Code : 239-RTD-AN
  • Modifications : None (Some available upon request)
  • Manufactured by GE Multilin



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  • Part Number: 239-RTD-AN
  • Manufacturer: GE Multilin
  • Series: 239 Motor Protection Relay

239-RTD-AN Technical Specifications

Model Number 239-RTD-AN
Manual Part Number GEK-106613C or 1601-0067-DC
Made By GE Consumer and Industrial - Multilin
Insulation Voltage 300 V
Fuse Rating 5 x 20 mm, 250 V, 2.5 A
Overload Curves Trip Time Accuracy Pickup ± 1% of Displayed Value
Programmable Output Thermal Capacity, % Full Load, and Phase Current
RFI Test 50 MHz/15 W Tranismitter
Short Circuit and Ground Trip S/C Trip Lvl 1 to 11 x CT PRI/OFF
Storage Temperature Range -40 to 158°F
Unbalance Delay 0-60 s
Ventilation Requirements None, according to the 239 Motor Protection Relay Manual

Product Description

Model 239-RTD-AN is one of the many Motor Protection Relays produced by GE Multilin to aid in the protection of motors, please note that typically the protected motors are three-phase AC motors. General Electric designed these RTD (resistance temperature detector) relays to offer full protection of the motors in some of the harshest conditions. This series (as of mid-2021) is under last-time buy status with the OEM and will soon be unavailable through General Electric.  

The 239-RTD-AN offers breaker failure protection, overload warning protection, ground fault protection, and locked rotor protection. The unit includes a clear front-facing LCD display that allows users to see status, temperature, and current, along with other data. Compared to other relay protections produced by GE Multilin this particular unit is more compact and can fit most starters. Often times relays must have approvals, otherwise known as certifications to be used in locations, this specific unit is UL and CSA-approved for your convenience. Typically there are outputs associated with the 239-RTD-AN model, the specific outputs for this unit are analog and RTD outputs. Additionally, the unit has conformal coating options for these outputs. 

The front faceplate of the 239-RTD-AN includes a 40-character LCD display for viewing status messages, fault conditions, and setpoints/values. Below this, the unit has six LED status indicators. The faceplate also includes a dust-tight, splash-proof keypad. A protective door is available to cover keys when they are not in use. 

There is a wide range of protection options available with the 239-RTD-AN, for example, some of them are undercurrent, ground fault, short circuit, and many more. For the remainder of these protection options refer to the attached manual. 

Frequently Asked Questions about 239-RTD-AN

What differentiates the 239-RTD-AN from the 239-RTD relay motor protection GE part?
The 239-RTD-AN is different from the GE motor protection relay 239-RTD because of the AN order code. This AN order code qualifies the product as an analog ouput that is single and isolated. In addition the 239-RTD-AN is programmable, as is the 239-RTD, but has a thermal capacity and is phase current with three temperatures (RTD1, RTD2, RTD3). 
What are the amps that are characterized by the GE motor protection relay 239-RTD-AN?
The GE motor protection relay 239-RTD-AN part has three mA listed in the order code. The mA analog output are 0-1, 0-20, and 4-20mA. This order code also comes with a programmable output parameter. The 239-RTD is unique because it is a mix stator/bearing order code that is also programmable with types of nickel, copper, and platinum.
What is the purpose of the GE motor protection relay Multilin 239-RTD?
The GE motor protection relay Multilin 239-RTD-AN is designed to protect AC motors. It can protect three motors and is designed to troubleshoot problems after there has been a fault, or give an alarm in the instance where there may be damage resulting from a process malfunction. Three can be monitored when the over temperature option is selected for this motor protection relay GE part. 

Reviews For 239-RTD-AN

Internal Review

One downside of owning and purchasing the 239-RTD-AN is that while there is a protective door that can be used to cover the keys, these doors are often broken easily and are slightly more challenging to replace. - AX Control Tech Team

Repair Services For 239-RTD-AN

Type Lead Time Price Action
Repair Service 1-2 weeks $1600

Our highly skilled technicians can repair your 239-RTD-AN. All of our repairs come with a 3 Year AX Control Warranty. Please contact us for additional information about our repair process. To receive the repair pricing and lead time listed above please process your repair order via our website. The following repair options may be available upon request:

  • 48-72hr Rush Repair
  • Detailed Repair Reports
  • AX Control Certificate of Warranty

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