MM2 Motor Manager

MM2 Motor Manager
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The GE Multilin MM2 Motor Manager series is a compact, microprocessor-based device provides sophisticated control and protective relaying at significant cost savings over an MCC design using discrete devices.

Part Number Description Manuals Stock Level
MMII-C-0-0-120 GE Multilin MMII-C-0-0-120 motor protection system chassis mount, 10amp 250VAC. In Stock Ships Today
MMII-PD-1-2-120 GE Multilin MMII-PD-1-2-120 motor protection system with display, 10amp 250VAC. In Stock Ships Today
MMII-PD-1-2-240 GE Multilin MMII-PD-1-2-240 Intelligent MCC controller with display, 240VAC. In Stock Ships 3-5 Days
MMII-PD-1-2-MOD600-120 The GE Multilin MMII-PD-1-2-MOD600-120 is a MMII Motor Managment Relay that features 120 VAC power, 10 process inputs, diognostics, and undervoltage autorestart. In Stock Ships Today
MMII-PD-1-2-MOD616-120 GE Multilin MMII-PD-1-2-MOD616-120 motor manager system with display, 120VAC. In Stock Ships 3-5 Days
MMII-PD-MOD501-120 GE Multilin MMII-PD-MOD501-120 motor protection system, 120V panel MT w/ display. In Stock Ships 3-5 Days