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Part of the MMII series, General Electric Multilin's MMII-C-0-0-120 safeguards and manages motor systems.



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  • Part Number: MMII-C-0-0-120
  • SKU: MMIIC00120GM
  • Manufacturer: GE Multilin
  • Series: MM2 Motor Manager

MMII-C-0-0-120 Technical Specifications

Manufacturer General Electric Multilin (GE)
Manufacturing Location Markham, Ontario, Canada
Dimensions approx. 7.4” L, 4.4” H, 5” W
Weight 1.36 kg
Shipping Dimensions 8.3" x 5.625" x 5.8" (211 mm x 143 mm x 147 mm)
Shipping Weight max. 4 lbs
Insulation Voltage 300 V
Pollution Degree II
Overvoltage Category II
IP Class IEC 529-IP53

Product Description

The MMII-C-0-0-120 is produced by General Electric Multilin. This unit is a part of the Motor Manager II series, which is a group of low voltage motor control modules. These units are built to provide advanced protection and control for motor systems. These models are also built with compact dimensions and rival similar models that may come with some or all of the same features that this model does.

The MMII-C-0-0-120 unit is designed to provide functions such as handling any voltage overload or phase unbalancing. If any contactors fail or rotors become locked and/or stalled, then this model is able override them. This unit is also built with a hot winding thermistor circuit integrated into it.

The power level that the MMII-C-0-0-120 module requires for optimal function is 250 volts of alternating current (nominal). The unit is built with a backup capacity should the voltage fail to reach optimal intake. If that does occur, then the undervoltage auto restart will kick in in order to resolve the problem.

This unit is built with a large number of I/O ports; there are up to 20 I/O ports on this module. 4 of them are output ports: a pair of contactor ports and a pair of programmable output ports. The rest of the 16 ports are inputs, 6 of them fixed, while the remaining 10 are programmable input ports. This model includes neither of the option packages included in some of the other units of the series, denoted by the two zeroes in the model number.

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Frequently Asked Questions about MMII-C-0-0-120

How does the MMII-C-0-0-120 differ from other parts in the series?

The MMII-C-0-0-120 possesses a highly specific order code that differentiates it from other parts in the series. The “C” indicates that the unit is a chassis mount rather than a panel mount with display. The “0” options indicate that the relay contains neither of the expanded options of the series, namely the process control, diagnostics, enhanced protection, 2nd contactor control, and 2 process inputs. Finally, the “120” of this model number signifies that the unit works on a control voltage of 120 V AC, as opposed to the 240 V AC of other models. Users seeking more information about other options in the series should reference the MM2 user manual to better understand the elements included in other units.

What are some of the tools of EnerVista MMII? How does the software program benefit the relay?

The EnerVista software program has a variety of tools that enable efficient motor system protection and management. EnerVista allows for rapid editing of programmable setpoints in a convenient and timely fashion, even providing a graphical drag-and-drop environment for intuitive setpoint configuration. EnerVista also allows users to sample and record up to eight system parameters at a user-defined time interval; they can then trend and graph this data for export and further review. EnerVista MMII is capable of automatically updating documents providing system information, such as user manuals, brochures, datasheets, and more.

Reviews For MMII-C-0-0-120

Internal Review

The MMII-C-0-0-120 possesses a number of communications options, including the RS485 port and the Ethernet element (when using a MultiNET adapter). The communications options allow the relay to communicate with other units, equipment, and computers running the EnerVista software program. - AX Control Tech

Repair Services For MMII-C-0-0-120

Type Lead Time Price Action
Repair Service 1-2 weeks $881

Our highly skilled technicians can repair your MMII-C-0-0-120. All of our repairs come with a 3 Year AX Control Warranty. Please contact us for additional information about our repair process. To receive the repair pricing and lead time listed above please process your repair order via our website. The following repair options may be available upon request:

  • 48-72hr Rush Repair
  • Detailed Repair Reports
  • AX Control Certificate of Warranty

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