P1 and P1H PowerStations

P1 and P1H PowerStations
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CTC Parker Automation Display Based Panel HMI VGA PowerStations

Part Number Description Manuals Stock Level
ABR-3205 ABR-3205 CTC Parker Automation Allen-Bradley Remote 1771 I/O Card and Driver Call
P11-014DR P11-014DR CTC Parker Automation Mono LCD P1 Power Station In Stock Ships 3-5 Days
P11-314DR CTC Parker P1 Power Station P11-314DR Color STN Power Station In Stock Ships 3-5 Days
P11-FM01-A P11-FM01-A Parker CTC Automation Class I, Div 2 P1 Unit Approval Call
P11-PC104 CTC Parker Automation P11-PC104 PC/104 Installation Kit for Single PC/104 Card Call
P12-PC104 PC/104 Installation CTC Parker Automation Kit for Two Cards P12-PC104 Call
P13-PC104 P13-PC104 PC/104 Installation Kit CTC Parker Automation for Three PC/104 Cards Call
P1H-014DR CTC Parker P1H P1H-014DR Power Station Mono LCD Configuration In Stock Ships 3-5 Days
P1H-314DR P1H-314DR P1H Color STN Power Station CTC Parker Automation In Stock Ships 3-5 Days
PP1-5160 Runtime Software P1H Upgrade to P1 PP1-5160 CTC Parker Automation Call