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General Electric Company IS200EXAMG1B Exciter Attenuation Module manufactured as part of the EX2100 and EX2100e Excitation Control 35 A and 120 A Regulator Systems. The IS200EXAMG1B Module is designed to be mounted in the auxiliary control cabinet and applies low frequency signals from the EGDM to the resistor.



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  • Part Number: IS200EXAMG1B
  • Manufacturer: GE Industrial Systems
  • Series: EX2100 Excitation Control

IS200EXAMG1B Technical Specifications

Abbreviation/Functional Acronym EXAM (IS200EXAM)
Jumper Positions JP1, JP2, and JP3
OEM/Manufacturer GE Industrial Systems
Ports J1, J2, and Ground Detector
Product Type Exciter Attenuation Board or Exciter Attenuator Module
Publication Number/ Instruction Manual/Datasheet GEI-100509
Quantity Used in Application Alterrex applications can include Qty 2 EXAM boards/modules
Redundant System Use Refer to GEI-100467
Revisions IS200EXAMG1BAA and IS200EXAMG1BBA
Series/Product Line EX2100 & EX2100E
Weight 1lbs 14oz

About the IS200EXAMG1B

Exciter Attenuator module IS200EXAMG1B is used extensively in the EX2100 series. This board is mounted within the auxiliary cabinet and will typically be used to render low-frequency signals that are emitted from the exciter field ground detector module, the signals will then be sent to the sense resistor of the EXAM module. This process will provide current voltages across the resistors which are then dispatched back to the field ground detector. 

There are two distinct differences between the IS200EXAMG1A and IS200EXAMG1B systems. Alterrex applications will need to use two IS200EXAMG1B models along with two EROC-enabled simplex ground detectors. The redundant systems used with this model will result in a test signal originating from the M2 or M1 controllers, these are used with the C controller which controls the switch that is used to flip between the two M controls. 

There are several manuals that can be used with the IS200EXAMG1B module, these manuals are GEI-100467 and the GEH-6632, the GEI-100467 is a product-specific manual, and the GEH-6632 manual has information on other modules that the EXAM is used with as well as different dirhams which shows the module in the auxiliary cabinet. 

Frequently Asked Questions about IS200EXAMG1B

What boards do the IS200EXAMG1B models work in conjunction with?

The main board that the IS200EXAMG1B works with is the EGDM which helps detect ground voltages, but the IS200EXAMG1B board also works with the EROC board. 

The EXAM boards can be used in Alterrex applications. How are the boards used in Alterrex applications?

When being used in Alterrex applications two EXAM boards must be used. One of the board is used for generator field circuits, and the other is used for exciter field circuits. 

Are there differences when the IS200EXAMG1B board detects more than one ground in the field?

Yes! If the IS200EXAMG1B model detects the existence of one ground damage to the rotor is likely not to occur, but if two or more grounds in the field are detected the winding path causes thermal and magnetic imbalances which will damage the rotor and other metallic parts.  

What is the wiring board type for the IS200EXAMG1B model?

The wiring board type for the IS200EXAMG1B model as stated in the GEH-6632G EX2100 Excitation Control User's Guide is a Bridge and Protection Board/Module. 

Reviews For IS200EXAMG1B

Internal Review

The IS200EXAMG1B has a low rate of failure in EX2100 and EX2100e Excitation Control Systems and is easily repairable when needed. Because Alterrex applications may use two of these in the system it is important to keep multiple spares on hand in case of defect or failure. - AX Control Tech Team

Repair Services For IS200EXAMG1B

Type Lead Time Price Action
Repair Service 1-2 weeks $915

Our highly skilled technicians can repair your IS200EXAMG1B. All of our repairs come with a 3 Year AX Control Warranty. Please contact us for additional information about our repair process. To receive the repair pricing and lead time listed above please process your repair order via our website. The following repair options may be available upon request:

  • 48-72hr Rush Repair
  • Detailed Repair Reports
  • AX Control Certificate of Warranty

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