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The IS200EDFFH3A model is an EX2100 DC Feedback Board that measures field currents and voltages at the SCR bridge and interface in a Simplex system. When in the EX2100 system, it will interface with the Excitation Control Auxiliary Interface board over a fiber-optic link.



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  • Part Number: IS200EDFFH3A
  • Manufacturer: GE Industrial Systems
  • Series: EX2100e Excitation Control

IS200EDFFH3A Technical Specifications

Part Number IS200EDFFH3A
Series EX2100e Excitation Control System
Manufacturer General Electric Company USA, GE Industrial Systems
Series Manual GEH-6781L EX2100e Excitation Control
Part Specific Manual GEI-100770
Mounting Location Auxiliary Cabinet
Board Type I/O Terminal Board
Functional Acronym/Abbreviation EDFF
Redundancy Mode Simplex
Interfaces EX2100e Auxiliary Interface (EAUX)
Power Supply 28 VDC

About the IS200EDFFH3A

The IS200EDFFH3A board is labeled an Exciter DC Fanned Feedback Board and is part of the EX2100e Excitation Control Series. The purpose of this board is used to measure voltages and field currents at the silicon-controlled rectifier (SCR) bridge; once the voltages and field currents have been measured, the EDFF board will interface to the EAUX or Excitation Control Auxiliary Interface through a high-speed fiber-optic cable link. There are three different group variations of the EDFF board; as the H3 group variation, this board can only operate in a simplex system. 

The IS200EDFFH3A board is used within the High Voltage Interface module. A current shunt is part of the power conversion module and has an mV output signal received by a differential amplifier on this EDFF-abbreviated board. Once the output signal is received from the current shunt, it will provide voltage feedback and DC currents to the controls. 

On the IS200EDFFH3A board, there are V-F or voltage-to-frequency converter circuits. One is used for field voltage feedback, one is used for field current feedback, and one is used with up to three redundant sections; these three redundant sections are labeled as controllers C, M1, and M2. The field voltage feedback on this model will provide up to eight selector settings to scale the bridge voltage, depending on the application that the model is used.

The IS200EDFFH3A board has a part-specific manual, the EX2100e Excitation Control DC Fanned Feedback Board Instruction Guide GEI-100770. A series manual is also available; the series manual is labeled as GEH-6781 EX2100e Excitation Control User Guide.

Frequently Asked Questions about IS200EDFFH3A

What is the function of the IS200EDFFH3A model?

The IS200EDFFH3A model measures field voltages and currents at the SCR bridge and will also interface to the EX2100e Excitation Control Auxiliary Interface (EAUX) over a high-speed fiber-optic link. The fiber-optic link on the model will provide voltage isolation between the EAUX and EDFF boards, plus high-noise immunity.

How is the field current on the IS200EDFFH3A model measured?

The field current on the IS200EDFFH3A model is measured using a shunt in the direct current (dc) field circuit. 

Are there any functional differences between the EDFF groups depending on the system the unit is used in?

According to the GEH-6781 manual other than the differences between the systems in which the IS200EDFFH3A model and other EDFF models are used, they all have the same functionalities and will perform the same.

Is there a specific place where the EDFF model can be used?

When the IS200EDFFH3A model is used in the EX2100e system, it will be operated in a High Voltage Interface (HVI) module which has arc line filter fuses. When the IS200EDFFH3A model is used in the HVI module it will also interact with the Bridge AC Feedback (EBAC) board. 

Reviews For IS200EDFFH3A

Internal Review

When the EDFF model is used in the EX2100e system, it can convert and scale both field currents and voltages at regulator or exciter output into frequency feedback signals consisting of voltage-to-frequency converter circuits and will interface with up to three redundant control sections C, M1, and M2. - AX Control Tech

Repair Services For IS200EDFFH3A

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Repair Service 1-2 weeks $1110

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  • Detailed Repair Reports
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