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The GE EX2100 IS200EGPAG1B Exciter Gate Pulse Amplifier Board serves to interface the control to the power bridge in the control system. It is responsible for interfacing current conduction feedback, temperature monitoring, and bridge airflow.



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  • Part Number: IS200EGPAG1B
  • Manufacturer: GE Industrial Systems
  • Series: EX2100 Excitation Control

IS200EGPAG1B Technical Specifications

Board Type Gate Pulse Amplifier Board
Configurable Hardware 5 On-board Jumpers
Discontinued/Obsolete/Legacy Yes, contact AX Control for available surplus
Function Interface Control to Power Bridge
Functional Acronym (Abbreviation) EGPA
Instruction Manual Number GEI-100461 (GEH-6632 Series Manual)
Model Number IS200EGPAG1B
Notable Components On-board Green and Red LED Indicators
OEM / Manufacturer General Electric, GE Industrial Systems
Repairable Y/N Repair Available
Series / Product Line EX2100 Excitation Control - Exciter System
Weight 1lbs 9oz

About the IS200EGPAG1B

Gate pulse amplifier board number IS200EGPAG1B is located in the power conversion cabinet and can be connected to a power conversion module. This module is one of the boards that are labeled under the bridge and protection boards/modules, while this board can operate on its own, power typically needs to be taken from one of the EPDM modules. 

The IS200EGPAG1B board receives feedback from two thermal switches that are mounted on the SCR heatsinks. These switches trigger and open at the alarm level and trip level and are wired directly to the IS200EGPAG1B. The temperature that the switches must reach before being triggered is a trip level of 190°F and an alarming level of 170°F. The switches can either open separately or together if only one of the switches has opened then an over-temperature alarm regarding the bridge has occurred, if both of the switches have opened it indicates that a trip and a fault have occurred. 

The IS200EGPAG1B board has five jumpers, these jumpers allow the user to select the application-specific configurations required and easily adjust the jumper configuration prior to installation. 

Frequently Asked Questions about IS200EGPAG1B

What can AX Control provide as it relates to the IS200EGPAG1B Gate Pulse Amplifier Board?

AX Control will buy, sell, or repair the IS200EGPAG1B board and usually has surplus stock on the shelf available to quote. A 3 year warranty is provided on both the sale and repair of the IS200EGPAG1B Gate Pulse Amplifier Board. Please contact our sales team by phone or email for a quick quotation.

Are the LED indicators on the IS200EGPAG1A and IS200EGPAG1B the same?

Yes! The LEDs on the IS200EGPAG1B board are also used to provide an indication of the status of currents into the bridge, line filters, gate power supply, output firing, bridge temperature, alarm/fault conditions, and cooling fan rotation. 

Within the EX2100 Series, there are a number of different types of printed wiring boards. Which category does the IS200EGPAG1B model fall under?

The IS200EGPAG1B model falls under the Bridge and Protection Boards/Modules of printed wiring boards. 

Are there any differences between the IS200EGPAG1A and IS200EGPAG1B boards?

According to the GEH-6632 EX2100 Excitation Control User's Guide, there are no differences between the two EGPA boards. 

Reviews For IS200EGPAG1B

Internal Review

The IS200EGPAG1B Gate Pulse Amplifier Board provides a variety of functions in the primary control cabinet for an EX2100 Excitation System and therefore the failure of this board in the system is critical. Due to a limited amount of available surplus and the complexity of a repair, either option is likely to be costly if the need arises but our team of specialists can do everything in their power to get your IS200EGPAG1B model up and running again. - AX Control Technicain


Repair Services For IS200EGPAG1B

Type Lead Time Price Action
Repair Service 1-2 weeks $1325

Our highly skilled technicians can repair your IS200EGPAG1B. All of our repairs come with a 3 Year AX Control Warranty. Please contact us for additional information about our repair process. To receive the repair pricing and lead time listed above please process your repair order via our website. The following repair options may be available upon request:

  • 48-72hr Rush Repair
  • Detailed Repair Reports
  • AX Control Certificate of Warranty

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