EasyGen-1000 Series

The EasyGen-1000 Series by Woodard is an automatic mains failure controls system designed for a single-generator set used in critical stand-by or prime power applications with automatic changeover capability.

Part Number Description PDF Stock Level
EasyGen-1400 Woodward EasyGen-1400 is a small automatic mains failure controller which contains a big LCD, configurable I/Os and electronic engine support. Call For Availability
EasyGen-1600 Woodward EasyGen-1600 is a compact automatic mains failure controller which offers a state of the art LCD,, with adequate on-board I/Os and common industrial connectivity. Call For Availability
EasyGen-1700 Woodward EasyGen-1700 is an automatic mains failure controller based on the EasyGen-1800 platform. Offers all capabilities except Ethernet and SD card connectivity. It also has a 240x128 pixel Monochrom LCD in the same size. Call For Availability
EasyGen-1800 Woodward EasyGen-1800 advanced automatic mains failure with large LCD, I/O expansion capability, Ethernet, and SD card connectivity. Call For Availability