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Model number IS200BICIH1ADC is a Bridge Interface Controller Board produced by General Electric for the Mark VI IS200 series. This model controls IGCT models. Input power for this model will be provided through the IS200CABP Control Assembly Backplane Board.



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  • Part Number: IS200BICIH1ADC
  • Manufacturer: GE Boards & Turbine Control
  • Series: Mark VI IS200

IS200BICIH1ADC Technical Specifications

Part Number IS200BICIH1ADC
Series Mark VI IS200
Manufacturer GE Industrial Systems, General Electric Company US
Instruction Manual GEI-100297
Functional Acronym/Abbreviation BICI
Functional Description Bridge Interface Controller Board
Number of Connectors Three, PFBK1, PFBK2, and PSRC
Number of Daughterboards 19

Product Description

The IS200BICIH1ADC is a GE Mark VI Bridge Interface Controller Board.  This circuit board was designed as part of the MK VI platform for the control of industrial gas and steam turbine systems. The IS200BICIH1ADC uses an IGCT switching device and mounts into an Innovation Series rack along with an IS200CABP board.  

The IS200BICIH1ADC has nineteen individual daughterboards soldered to its surface of two types: eight DVAA dual voltage controlled oscillator modules (IS205DVAA) and eleven analog comparator modules (IS205AOCA). Each of the daughterboards has its own function; for example, the DVAA board will provide two identical circuits, which are VCO circuits, as well as a pulse-train compatible output. The IS200BICIH1ADC also has a digital signal processor that acts as a coprocessor for a nearby DSPX board.  

The IS200BICIH1ADC includes two FPGAs (field-programmable gate arrays) for logic functions, PWM timers, and control and status registers. The board has both analog and digital inputs and outputs. Some connectors are mounted into the board’s front faceplate.  The faceplate also includes a removable panel that allows access to a row of TP test points. 

Other components on the board include right-angled connectors on the rear edge of the board, over forty integrated circuits, resistors, capacitors, metal oxide varistors, and diodes. The board is designed with components on both the front and rear surfaces. For additional information regarding proper handling and installation procedures, refer to GE Manual GEI-100297, which focuses specifically on the IS200BICIH1ADC and other associated BICI models.

Frequently Asked Questions about IS200BICIH1ADC

There are three connectors on the IS200BICIH1ADC model. The PSRC connector has already been described; what are the functions of the remaining connectors?

The remaining connectors are labeled as PFBK1 and PFBK2 connectors; each accepts feedback signals but will do so differently. The PFBK2 connector accepts feedback signals from the optional second full bridge or the second half of the cells within a series bridge, which are brought back from the Expander Load/Source Board (GGXI) through this connector; please note that this connector is a 44-pin high density and twister pair connector. The PFBK1 connector accepts feedback signals from the first bridge or the first half of the cells within the series bridge, which are also brought back from the GGXI board through this connector, which is the same as the PFBK2 connector type. Please note that the PSRC connector is a 50-pin high-density and special twisted pair connector.

How is voltage feedback on this model isolated?

The voltage feedback for this model will be isolated through attenuation from the DS200 NATO Voltage Feedback Scaling Board. 

Reviews For IS200BICIH1ADC

Internal Review

The BICI has three connectors located on the front of the board, the PFBK1, PFBK2, and PSRC connectors. Each connector has its own function and is vital to the performance of the BICI model. The PSRC connector will accept feedback signals from the Expander Diode Source Board, as well as gate control signals from the DB IGCT switches will be brought back to the model through this connector. - AX Control Tech

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Repair Service 1-2 weeks $1245

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