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H2-ECOM100 Ethernet Communications Module


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H2-ECOM100 Ethernet Communications Module



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Product Description

The H2-ECOM100 model is an ethernet communication module that Automation Direct designed for the DirectLogic 205 series. The H2-ECOM100 module has two closely related counterparts: the H2-ECOM module and the H2-ECOM-F module. You can follow the links to find these products on AX Control’s website as well.

The H2-ECOM100 module features of a high speed, peer to peer networking of PLCs, high performance access for HMI, MES, ERP, and other similar software that is available on Microsoft Windows. In addition to that, the setup is very easy, the custom drivers include free SDK, and fast updates with the DirectSOFT Programming Software. The H2-ECOM100 module has five LED indicator lights. They are labeled as “STATUS,” “LINKGO,” “ACTIVE,” “ERROR,” AND “100MBIT.” 

The H2-ECOM100 module has a link distance of 100 meters and a maximum data transfer rate of 100 Mbps. The ethernet port is the RJ45 type and the ethernet protocols are TCP/IP, IPX, Modbus TCP, DHCP, HTML configuration. The power consumption is rated at 300 mA at 5 VDC.

In addition to all of these specifications, the H2-ECOM100 module has the ability to send emails. Using the command “ECOM100 Send EMail IBox,” the H2-ECOM100 module can act as an email client with ability to send SMTP requests to your SMTP servers. This will allow the module to send an email message to the addresses in the IBox’s “To:” field. The “Body:” field will let you embed data into your email message.

The H2-ECOM100 module is a small, lightweight device. It has a total weight of 0.20 lbs. or 0.091 kg., and that does not include any of the packaging materials that AX Control includes with the shipments.

AX Control Warranty Info

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