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H2-ECOM Ethernet Communications Module


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H2-ECOM Ethernet Communications Module



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Product Description

The H2-ECOM module is an ethernet communication module that was developed to be included as part of the DirectLogic 205 series, which was created by Automation Direct. There are two other revisions of this product available with their own different specifications: the H2-ECOM100 and the H2-ECOM-4. Follow the links to find these modules and their specifications on AX Control’s website to determine which one is best for use in your facility.

The H2-ECOM ethernet communication module has one available usable slot in it and the CPU is the DL240. The CPU base is set at D2-03B-1, D2-03BDC1-1, and D2-03BDC-2.

The installation process of the H2-ECOM ethernet communication module is quite easy. To properly install the H2-ECOM ethernet communication module, as well as the H2-ECOM100 module and the H2-ECOM-F module, be sure to line up the module’s printed circuit board with the grooves at the base of the module and push until the printed circuit board is completely flush with the face of the DL205 base power supply. If more than a moderate amount of resistance is needed when you push the module into the DL205 base, the printed circuit board may not be totally aligned with the grooves in the base, so be sure to adjust that accordingly. When you are able to firmly seal the module inside of the slot, you can then depress the top and bottom retaining clips so that the module can firmly be locked into place. Note that when you are adding the H2-ECOM ethernet communication module, or any other module, to the PLC, always ensure that your power budget is able to accommodate the module you have just added.

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