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H2-ECOM-F Ethernet Communications Module


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H2-ECOM-F Ethernet Communications Module



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Product Description

The H2-ECOM-F is a DL205 Communication Module created by Automation Direct. This part may have also been sold by PLC Direct and Host Automation depending on the years it was mass-produced. This product was retired in 10/2018 and is no longer available for purchase from the manufacturer. AX Control does offer the H2-ECOM-F as a new surplus stock item or as a refurbished part.

The H2-ECOM-F is a 1-port 205 Fiber Optic Ethernet Communication Module. This card can be used with the following CPU-based PLCs:  D2-240, D2-250 (-1), D2-260 and the Do-more H2 series. This module offered a 10 Mbps max data transfer rate and a 2,000-meter link distance. It has an ST-style fiber optic ethernet port that uses 10Base-FL communications.

The H2-ECOM-F offers standard features including easy setup, a free SDK for custom drivers, and high-speed peer-to-peer networking. It is recommended that you use DirectSOFT programming software to monitor and update DirectLOGIC PLCs on your network.

The H2-ECOM-F has four LCD indicator lights labeled as LINKGD, ACTIVE, and ERROR. It also has two ports labeled TRANSMIT and RECEIVE.

For more information about the H2-ECOM-F, please consult the H2-ECOM100/ H2-ECOM-F datasheet created by Automation Direct. Only skilled professionals should install this module.

If you have any questions about the compatibility of the H2-ECOM-F with your current system, please feel free to contact AX Control via phone or email. We offer many different shipping methods for this product including various air and ground shipping options. If you need your order expedited, please give us a call to see if that is an option.

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