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The GV3000-series 3V4150 model from Reliance Electric is a 3HP, 2.2 kW drive with a NEMA 1 type enclosure that features sinusoidal pulse-width modulation.



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  • Part Number: 3V4150
  • SKU: 3V4150RE
  • Manufacturer: Reliance Electric
  • Series: GV3000 Drives

3V4150 Technical Specifications

kW 2.2kW
Enclosure NEMA 1
Weight 14 lbs
Analog Output Terminals 10-11 Scaled Signal
Control Method All-Digital Vector, Sinusoidal Pulse-Width Modulation
Quantity of RS232 Communications 3; XMIT, RECV, and COMMON
Preset Speed Response Time for V/Hz Regulation 75 milliseconds
Vector Current Limit Adjustment U.006 to 150%, Based on Nameplate Rating
Speed Adjustable Range From 0 RPM to Max Speed
Acceleration Adjustment Range 0.1 to 999.9 seconds (within the ability of the current)
Service Factor 1.0
Instruction Manual D2-3359 & D2-3360

Product Description

Operated by an all-digital vector sinusoidal pulse-width modulated control method, The 3V4150 drive from Reliance Electrics' GV3000 drive series is a 3 HP, 50/60Hz NEMA 1-enclosed indoor drive with an input voltage rating of 380-460 VAC. Like any other member of a discontinued GV3000 legacy series, The 3V4150 drive is not manufactured anymore by Reliance Electric, but here at AX Control we make every possible effort to keep this product in stock for your convenience. You can verify this item’s availability in our stock above, with the quote or repair request buttons supplied on this page.

Hardware Tips and Specifications

This Reliance Electric drive is an option from the GV3000 legacy series, and offers a NEMA 1-type enclosure ideal for curbing outside infiltration of hazardous drive components. Due to the vented style of this drive's chassis, the 3V4150 is not recommended for outdoor or mixed applications. This NEMA 1 enclosure also contains a communication port access door for convenient access to the regulator board's RS-232 ports. Beyond the 3V4150 drive's NEMA 1 chassis, this legacy model comes equipped with a number of important hardware components, including:

  • A fan assembly

  • A keypad or bracket-mounted Membrane Switch

  • A Regulator printed circuit board

  • An internal fan assembly

  • A Capacitor printed circuit board with input capacitors

  • A current feedback printed circuit board

  • A built-in LED keypad display

  • Ten to eleven Scaled Signal Analog Input Terminals

These hardware components are available in diagram form under the "manuals" tab of this product page. It is important to to note that 3 HP models of GV3000 series legacy drive do not necessitate some of the hardware components required for many 15 or 20 HP models; including a gate driver board or a power supply board. This model of GV3000 series drive features a mounting bracket for easy regulator board installation, and can be paraphrased as a 3 HP, 2.2kW, NEMA 1-enclosed indoor vector drive with a 380-460 VAC input voltage rating.

Software Tips and Specifications

While offering a robust and unique set of hardware components, the 3V4150 drive from Reliance Electric is configured with intuitive and user-friendly software programming features. The 3V4150, like many programmable automated drives, may encounter the occasional functional fault. These faults in machine productivity are always displayed on the drive's aforementioned built-in display by a series of fault codes described in Reliance Electrics' Software Start-Up and Reference Manual D2-3359-6. 

One fault sometimes experienced by owners of the 3V4150 GV3000 series drive is the drive power electronic overload fault, symbolized on the drive's interface by the fault code PUo. This fault is caused by the drive's overloaded power module, and too high of a DC braking current. To correct the PUo fault and return to normal drive operation, corrective action needs to be taken. The necessary corrective action when faced with the power electronic overload fault would be to check the drive's load on its power module, and to check the sizing of the power module relative to its application. If the problem is not found to be with either of these elements, then additional checks to the drive's DC braking current and torque boost parameters are needed.


The Reliance Electric 3V4150 drive is customizable through the installation of a number of different types of regulator board available here at AXcontrol. Some of these options include:

  • Regulator board 0-56921-502, a 5.2 version regulator board equipped with an analog input, isolated gate bipolar transistors, and Form A and Form B contact points
  • Regulator board 0-56921-512, a regulator control board with a standard-issue microprocessor attachment and LED display
  • Regulator board 0-56921-511, a regulator board with power circuit feedback and external speed reference capabilities

Frequently Asked Questions about 3V4150

What are the most common fault code errors on 3V4150?
There are 9 common fault codes on 3V4150. Displayed fault code errors on 3V4150 include: OC, OCA, OCD, HU, LU, OL, OH, FL, OSP, PH, and OF. OC, OCA, and OCD on 3V4150 are fault code errors for overcurrent on 3V4150. HU and LU are the fault codes for voltage on 3V4150. OL on 3V4150 is the electronic thermal overload fault on 3V4150. OH is the fault for controller high temperature on 3V4150. FL is the external function loss fault code error on 3V4150. OSP is the overspeed fault on 3V4150, PH is the output phase loss fault on 3V4150, and OF is the overfrequency fault code error on 3V4150. For further descriptions of these fault codes on 3V4150, view section 5.2 in the software manual for 3V4150 - Manual D2-3359.
How many input and output amps does 3V4150 have?
3V4150 has 6.4 input amps. 3V4150 has 5.3 output amps. These input and output amps on 3V4150 are when 3V4150 is operating at an 8 kHz carrier frequency
What is the operation control parameter on 3V4150?
The operation control parameter on 3V4150 is 3V4150's most important parameter. The operation control parameter on 3V4150 is parameter P.000. The default setting for this parameter on 3V4150 is LOCL, which means 3V4150's control is set to the local keypad on 3V4150. Parameter P.000 on 3V4150 can also be set to rE (remote), PC (not available), or OP (option port). 
How do I distinguish Manual D2-3359 and Manual D2-3360 for 3V4150?
Manual D2-3359 is the GV3000/SE General Purpose and Vector Duty Drive Software Start-Up and Reference Manual for 3V4150. Manual D2-3360 is the GV3000/SE AC Drive Hardware Reference, Installation and Troubleshooting Manual for 3V4150. Each manual helps with 3V4150 in different ways and we can provide you with either manual for 3V4150 upon request for the manual.

Reviews For 3V4150

Internal Review

This offering from the GV3000 series of Reliance Electric drives is a communicative indoor drive with an all-digital vector control method and 10-11 analog output terminals. This particular model is upgradable by several option boards available here at AXcontrol, including the 0-56291-502, 0-56491-511, and 0-56921-512 printed circuit boards. - AX Control Lead Technician.

Repair Services For 3V4150

Type Lead Time Price Action
Repair Service 1-2 weeks $1284

Our highly skilled technicians can repair your 3V4150. All of our repairs come with a 3 Year AX Control Warranty. Please contact us for additional information about our repair process. To receive the repair pricing and lead time listed above please process your repair order via our website. The following repair options may be available upon request:

  • 48-72hr Rush Repair
  • Detailed Repair Reports
  • AX Control Certificate of Warranty

AX Control Warranty Info

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