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LKC10 Sensor Control Cable


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LKC10 Sensor Control Cable



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Product Description

The LK-C10 model is an extension cable designed by KEYENCE for the LK series. At 10 meters long, the LK-C10 is the longest extension cable offered by KEYENCE in the LK series. The other extension cable options are the LK-C5 at 5 meters long and the LK-C2 at 2 meters long. Follow the links above to find these extension cables on AX Control’s website. Also, you can call or email us for the availability of these products in our stock.

The LK-C10 extension cable was created to connect a sensor head to a controller. The cable is thin and black with thick, grooved connectors throughout the cable.

Connection between the sensor head and the controller using the LK-C10 extension cable should be done after you install the controller. To install the controller, pull the claw at the bottom of the device before mounting to a DIN rail. Then, place the controller onto the DIN rail.

To connect the sensor head and the controller, connect the extension cable to the ports of both devices. To properly join the connectors, press them together and turn them to either the left or the right to locate the engagement position. After that, press the connectors until you can hear an audible click sound.

To disconnect the sensor head and the controller, proceed to unbuckle the connectors on the cable. Hold the connecting sleeve with both hands on either side and pull them in opposite directions. Unlike the connection process, you do not need to turn the connectors at all.

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