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H4-ERM100 Ethernet Remote Master (ERM)


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H4-ERM100 Ethernet Remote Master (ERM)



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Product Description

The H4-ERM100 is an Ethernet Remote Master module that Automation Direct made to be compatible with the DirectLogic 405 systems. At AX Control, we do our best to ensure that the H4-ERM100 module is in stock as much as possible. If you would like to purchase a H4-ERM100, you can contact us using either your phone or your email to check if the H4-ERM100 is currently available and if it is the best option for your facility. AX Control’s friendly, professional sales representatives are ready to assist you in every step of this process.

The H4-ERM100 module is used to connect to the local CPU base to the applicable Ethernet remote slave modules using a 10/100BaseT, which is a twisted pair copper wire, or a 10BaseFL, which is a fiber optic cable, Ethernet link. The H4-ERM100 module has the ability to support up to sixteen slave modules at a time, whenever a DirectLogic 405 or a Do More! system is used in conjunction with it. However, be advised that this system can be limited to one slave module while the H4-ERM100 module is in use if you are using a Think & Do WinPLC system rather than the previously listed systems above.

There are numerous Ethernet Base Controller slave modules and Ethernet Interfaces that are used for AC drives and that the H4-ERM100 module regularly supports. These controller slave modules include the H2-EBC module and the H4-EBC module. You can follow these links to find these slave modules also listen on AX Control’s website, where they may be available for purchase.

The H4-ERM100 module weighs about 0.50 lbs. or 0.23 kg. This total does not include the materials that AX Control uses for all sales.

AX Control Warranty Info

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All PLCs and HMIs: 3 years
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H4-ERM100 Manuals, White Papers, Data Sheets, and Troubleshooting