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H2-EBC-F Ethernet Base Controller


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H2-EBC-F Ethernet Base Controller



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Product Description

The H2-EBC-F module is a member of the DirectLogic 205 series that was made by Automation Direct. The H2-EBC-F module was created to be an ethernet base controller. AX Control has made a continuous effort to stock the H2-EBC-F controller as often as possible. Therefore, if you are interested in purchasing a H2-EBC-F controller, then AX Control may be your answer. Contact us using either phone or email to speak to an AX Control representative. We can tell you if we have the H2-EBC-F controller available and if the H2-EBC-F controller is a good investment for you.

Be aware that the H2-EBC-F controller is only compatible with DirectLogic 205 systems. Do not confuse this product with the H4-EBC-F controller, which is compatible with only DirectLogic 405. If this is the one you need, follow the link to find it on the AX Control website.

The H2-EBC-F controller module supports the 10BaseFL fiber optic Ethernet standards. In addition to that, the H2-EBC-F controller has transfer rates of 10 megabits per second between your I/O base and your PC’s applications. Be advised, however, that you must use a dedicated network of EBC controller modules connected to your PC’s control system if you need to use a deterministic Ethernet communication connection. In this situation, you can only have the EBC modules and the PC running its control software running on this network.

To install the H2-EBC-F controller, simply insert it into the CPU slot at the base of a DirectLogic 205 unit. By doing this, its communication system will be enabled, which will allow it to communicate across the backplane to both digital and analog inputs as well as output modules.

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