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H4-EBC-F Ethernet Base Controller


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H4-EBC-F Ethernet Base Controller



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Product Description

The H4-EBC-F is an Ethernet Base Controller created by Direct Logic. This controller may have also been sold under the Automation Direct or PLC Direct product lines depending on what year this device was manufactured.

The H4-EBC-F is a Fiber Ethernet Serial Port that allows for communication between a device and a laptop or PC. The main function of the H4-EBC-F is to distribute output signals, receive and translate output signals from the software on the PC, send signals to the controller on the PC, format signals coming from the I/O to Ethernet standards and to process analog and digital input signals.

This device is rated for 110/220 VAC. It has an RS-232 serial port and a 10Base-FL Transmit port and Receiver port. The 10Base-T port is an unshielded twisted pair cable that can support up to 1024 stations. The H4-EBC-F also has 6 LED indicator lights that will alert you to different statuses. These indicators are labeled POWER, ERROR, RELAY, LINK GOOD, ACTIVITY, and BATTERY LOW. The H4-EBC-F has a base 10MBPS speed. It uses TCP/IP and IPX.

For more information on the H4-EBC-F please consult manual H24-EBC-M created by Automation Direct specifically for the installation of the Ethernet Base Controllers. Only trained professionals should install the H4-EBC-F to prevent serious injury or equipment damage.

For a price quote or to see if AX Control can fix your existing H4-EBC-F, please contact one of your expert representatives via phone or email. We are here to help make your repair process as smooth as possible.

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