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The 5501-423 board from Woodward is a MicroNet 12-Slot motherboard that can be used with redundant or simplex systems. The manuals are 26166V1 and 26166V2. The motherboard ensures that overheating does not occur.



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  • Part Number: 5501-423
  • SKU: 5501423WO
  • Manufacturer: Woodward
  • Series: MicroNet Digital Control

5501-423 Technical Specifications

Model 12-Slot Motherboard
Weight approx. 22 kg in Chassis
Standards LRS, DNV, CSA
Operating Temperature 0 to +55°C
Air Quality Pollution Degree 2
Installation Overvoltage Rating Category II
Chassis MicroNet Simplex or MicroNet Plus

Product Description

Motherboard model, 5501-423 is part of the MicroNet Digital Control series as a 12-slot motherboard. When the motherboard has been inserted into the MicroNet Plus chassis it will be located on the back to allow for connection between power supplies, control modules, switches, and the fans. Any of the power connections and slot-to-slot logic are made through the etched-circuit motherboard. There is an attached terminal block in which the fuses will blow so that the motherboard will be protected and then shut down with the power fault at twenty-four volts of direct current. 

When using the 5501-423 board the power of the simplex system will be used by the local Ethernet switch power as long as successful EMC testing has occurred. Please note that the power outputs for the motherboard should only be used locally in the same MicroNet cabinet that has been installed in only limited instances. One feature of this board is that it features a reset input that can be used to reset the attached CPUs in the chassis. 

There are also temperature switches on the 5501-423 board which are used to ensure that overheating does not occur if the chassis does reach temperatures that exceed sixty-five degrees Celsius then it will trip the switches and communicate to the GAP application and CPU that the temperatures have exceeded the set limit. 

At any time during the operation of the chassis if the other modules need to be disengaged toggle the handles on the modules to move them out just far enough and it will disengage from the 5501-423 board and its connectors. 

Reviews For 5501-423

Internal Review

While the 5501-423 board is active there are limited models on the market but they can still be found online. Refer to the attached manuals regarding the status of this board. - AX Control Tech Team

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Repair Service 1-2 weeks $2307

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