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Woodward MicroNet Digital Controller 5466-1520 is a P1020 CPU with a Cyber Security Application. The model can be used in simplex and redundant systems. The 5466-1520 module has four general Ethernet ports, two 100 Mbps ports, and two 1000 Mbps ports.



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  • Part Number: 5466-1520
  • SKU: 54661520WO
  • Manufacturer: Woodward
  • Series: MicroNet Digital Control

5466-1520 Technical Specifications

Manufacturer Woodward Inc, Fort Collins CO
Storage Temperature 45°C
Software Version GAP and Cyber Security
Chassis 8 or 14 VME Slot Type
Live Insertion and Removal Yes
Installation Overvoltage Rating Category II
CPU Slot Location A1, Second CPU Located in A8/A14
CPU P1020

Product Description

The 5466-1520 module is labeled as a P1020 CPU as part of the MicroNet Digital Controller series produced by Woodward Inc. out of Fort Collins Colorado. One key component of this module is the dual-core processor on the unit, this specific dual-core processor is 800 MHz. There are a number of ports on the module, which include, two Real-Time Network ports, one service port, five CAN ports, and four general-purpose Ethernet ports. In reference to the four Ethernet ports, there are two of each 100 Mbps and 1000 Mbps ports. 

Typically CPU modules within the MicroNet series can be removed and inserted while the chassis is live and the 5466-1520 unit can also be removed or inserted live. An important thing to note prior to removing this module is that the module requires a reset, this notifies the module that it is going to be removed and that an effortless failover to the second CPU module will occur. There are several applications that this module will operate on such as Cyber Security and Graphical Application Programming (GAP) Applications. 

As a MicroNet-Plus CPU the 5466-1520 module can be used with a redundant or simplex system, if the CPU is being used in a simplex system there will only be one CPU compared to if the CPU is being used in a redundant system there will be two CPUs no matter how many CPUs there are the initial CPU will be inserted into slot A1. 

Prior to installation of the module refer to the three 26166 manuals, specific information regarding the standards of the 5466-1520 module can be found on pages 174-175 of the 26166V2 manual. 

Reviews For 5466-1520

Internal Review

This module is defined as being used in a MicroNet-Plus chassis, because of this key feature this model has the capability to be used in simplex or redundant systems. For enhanced performance use the model in a redundant system in which two CPUs will be used. - AX Control Tech Team

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