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The G3PBDP00 card was designed as a Profibus option card to connect to the G3 Series operator interface terminals designed by Red Lion. Data tags associated with this model can be configured to an input or output block. The input block can only write data and the output block can only read data.



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  • Part Number: G3PBDP00
  • Manufacturer: Red Lion
  • Series: G3 Series Option Card

G3PBDP00 Technical Specifications

Baud Rate for Profibus Port 12M
Construction Installation Category I, Pollution Degree 2
Electromagnetic Compatibility Immunity and Emissions to 61326 for Electrical Equipment for Measurement, Control, and Lab Use
Number of LEDs 3; Data, WD, and DP
Profibus Port Type Fieldbus Type; Profibus-DP EN 50 170,
Series G3 Series Option Card
Software Type Crimson, Version 2.0 or Later
Station Address Range Profibus Network in Range of 1.125
Storage Humidity 80% Max, Non-Condensing at 32-122°F (0 to 50°C)
Weight approx 3 ounces

Product Description

When using the G3PBDP00 option card with one of the operator interface terminals of the G3 series HMIs produced by Red Lion will add Profibus DP connectivity to the chosen terminal. The addition of the Profibus DP connectivity allows for blocks of data to be exchanged at high speeds. The data rates of this connectivity will be around 12 MBaud between the appropriate Master PLC and G3 interface terminal on the Profibus network. The DP associated with the Profibus network is described as a Decentralized Periphery and can describe a wide range of input/output devices through a high-speed serial data link attached to a central controller. 

There are data tags available with the G3PBDP00 which must be configured to ensure that the attached operator terminal functions as it was designed. There is a Profibus master that will exchange data with slave protocols as respective input and output blocks. The data transfer function in regard to these protocols will be performed through data transfer over the Profibus network or the G3 interface itself. All of the information regarding the configuration of the G3PBDP00 card and the terminal will be found in the attached Red Lion documentation. 

When the expansion card is attached to the operator interface terminal there are three additional LEDs that will give state information about the device. The LEDs are data, DP, and WD LEDs, with five functions. The functions are baud search and control, data exchange, and waiting for configuration and parameter telegrams. All of the LED indications will be found on the third page of the associated Red Lion bulletin. 

Reviews For G3PBDP00

Internal Review

The G3PBDP00 option card allows for an expansion of the G3 Series interfaces and will add extra configurations. The option card ensures that the operator interface is up-to-date and will perform at high-speed reliable functions. - AX Control Technician

  • G3PB

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