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The G3DN0000 option card is a DeviceNet card that is used as an expansion for the G3 Series HMIs. The card helps ensure that the device has up-to-date standards. The card can only be used in non-hazardous or class one, division two, groups A, B, C, and D hazardous locations.



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  • Part Number: G3DN0000
  • SKU: G3DN0000RL
  • Manufacturer: Red Lion
  • Series: G3 Series Option Card

G3DN0000 Technical Specifications

Crimson Software Model Number SFCRM2
DeviceNet Port Baud Rate 500K
Number of Different LED States 5; Off, Flashing Green, Green, Flashing Red, and Red
Number of Positions 5; V-, CAN_L, SHLD, CAN_H, and V+
Option Card Type DeviceNet
Power Supply Associated with Power Supply of Attached Terminal
Storage Temperature Range -20 to 80 °C
Weight Less than 2 pounds

Product Description

The G3DN0000 option card is known as a DeviceNet option card and only one DeviceNet port on the card is available. To configure the port with the appropriate DeviceNet protocols use the Crimson software. The software for this card and the proper configuration help ensure that the operator interface terminal and option card itself have the most recent downloadable features. The configuration of the option card will be performed through the RS232 port, Ethernet port, CompactFlash socket, or USB port on the operator interface terminal. 

There are five available protocol positions in relation to the G3DN0000 card; these protocol positions are V+, V-, CAN_L, SHLD (CAN Shield), and CAN_H. The SHLD position is used to ensure that shield connections are taken. The position will tie the appropriate shield wires to the earth-ground terminal; the SHLD position will typically be tied to the interior of the G3 enclosure. The CAN_H position is the connector that supplies the active high bus line and will be isolated from the attached HMI unit. 

Five LED states are used to establish the function of the G3DN0000 model. The colors are red and green, with solid and flashing alternates as well as the LED being off. There are different functions for each state, for example, the flashing red LED indicates that the previously established communications have all timed out. When the LED is off entirely it means that the option card is initializing. 

All information regarding the safety regulations as well as how to attach the G3DN card to the operator interface terminal can be located in the attached Red Lion Bulletin, which is labeled as G3DN-C. 

Reviews For G3DN0000

Internal Review

This option card helps expand any of the operator interface terminals for the G3 Series HMIs by adding an additional port. The port can be configured through the USB port on the attached interface terminal. - AX Control Technician

  • G3DN

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