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The G310S230 model is the best model to use in indoor and outdoor applications with its dual Ethernet availability and its isolated communications. When mounting this model please note that a maximum panel thickness of a quarter of an inch is required.



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  • Part Number: G310S230
  • SKU: G310S230RL
  • Manufacturer: Red Lion
  • Series: G3 Series HMIs

G310S230 Technical Specifications

Part Number G310S230
Series G3 Series HMIs
Manufacturer Red Lion
Screen Size 10.4" Resistive Analog Touchscreen
Features UV-Rated Overlay, Glossy Finish, USB Host, Dual Ethernet and Isolated Comms
Instruction Guide Red Lion Bulletin G310CRS2-E
Battery Type CR2025 Lithium Coin Cell
Maximum Altitude 2000 m
Connections Compression Cage-Clamp Terminal Block
Safety Requirements EN 61010-1
Mounting Stud Torque 1.92 N-m (17 inch-pounds)
Pollution Degree Two
IEC 68-2-6 Vibration 2 g, Operational 5 to 150 Hz
DH486 TXEN Ports Features Transmit Enable, Open Collector, High Volt 15 VDC, and Low Volt 0.5 V @ 25 mA

Product Description

The G310S230 model is an operator interface terminal produced by Red Lion with a 10.4" TFT VGA display. This model comes with a UV-rated overlay and a glossy finish best used for using models in outdoor applications. The G310S230 model also has an additional feature of dual ethernet along with a USB host and isolated comms. An optional and additional CompactFlash card is available to mount to this terminal; the card is typically used for accessing data through the USB host port on the device. Any software needed to operate this model properly can be downloaded through the Red Lion website. When operating the model with the Crimson 2.0 Software, the Crimson 2 User Manual LP0577 is one of the best manuals to use regarding helping configure the model and learning the basics of the software. 

As mentioned above, the G310S230 model uses Crimson software from Red Lion to configure data. Some of the basic features of the Crimson software are security management, data logging, programming, accessing the user interface, data tagging, communication, and accessing the web server. Each feature and how it is used in conjunction with the G3 Series HMIs can be found in the aforementioned manual on pages three through four of the manual. 

The best manual/bulletin to use when operating and installing the G310S230 terminal is the G310CRS2-E 10.4" Color Touchscreen bulletin from Red Lion. This model covers not only the G310S230 model but some of the other G310 models, which are the G310R2 and G310C2 models.

Frequently Asked Questions about G310S230

Compared to the other G310 HMIs, how does the G310S230 differ?

The main difference between the G310S230 model compared to the G310 predecessors is that the brightness on the G310S230 is enhanced sitting at 1000 cd/m2 with the G310C2 sitting at 450 cd/m2 and the G310R2 sitting at 400 cd/m2.  Another difference between this model and the G310 predecessors is that the G310S230 model can be used in indoor and outdoor applications thanks to the easily readable touchscreen when used in sunlight with the UV-rated overlay. While there are many advances to the G310S230 model the biggest downside is that the backlight is not field-replaceable as the G310C2 and G310R2 terminal backlights are. 

It has been mentioned that optional expansion cards can be used with the G310S230; what are a few of them, and what do they add to the G310S230 terminal?

Some expansion cards that can be added to the G310S230 model are a Profibus card, a DeviceNet card, an RS232/485 card, and a CANOpen card. The RS232/485 and CANOpen cards add additional isolated ports, and the DeviceNet and Profibus cards add extra communications or connectivities. 

Reviews For G310S230

Internal Review

An excellent thing about the G310S230 model is that most competitors' HMIs have fewer features and cost much more than the Red Lion operator interface terminals. This model has more features and costs much less. Another excellent quality of this model is that the Crimson software needed to operate the G310S230 model is not only free from Red Lion but is simple to operate. - AX Control Tech

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Repair Services For G310S230

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Repair Service 1-2 weeks Ask Get Quote

Our highly skilled technicians can repair your G310S230. All of our repairs come with a 3 Year AX Control Warranty. Please contact us for additional information about our repair process. To receive the repair pricing and lead time listed above please process your repair order via our website. The following repair options may be available upon request:

  • 48-72hr Rush Repair
  • Detailed Repair Reports
  • AX Control Certificate of Warranty

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