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Model number G303S000 is part of the G3 Series of HMI's which can be used in indoor and outdoor applications. The keys on this model are not embossed. The screen on this model is 3.2" and has a yellow LED backlight that supports simple text and graphics.



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  • Part Number: G303S000
  • SKU: G303S000RL
  • Manufacturer: Red Lion
  • Series: G3 Series HMIs

G303S000 Technical Specifications

Part Number G303S000
Series G3 Series HMIs
Manufacturer Red Lion
Display Type 3.2" Graphical Sunlight Readable Model
Expansion One CF Card Slot
Keypad Programmable 32-key membrane
Battery Type Lithium Coin Cell
Software Type Crimson 2.0
Wire Gage Connection 12-30 AWG Copper Wire
Torque Connection 56-79 N-cm (5-7 inch-pounds)
Serial Port Quantity 3
Humidity Max. 80%, Non-Condensing, from 0 to 50°C
Storage Temperature Range -30 to 70°C
On Board User Memory 4 Mbyte of Non-Volatile Flash Memory
Certifications UL Class I, Div 2
Mounting Stud Torque Max. 1.92 N-m (17 inch-pounds)
IEC 682-27 Shock Rate Operational 40 g

Product Description

The G303S000 HMI produced by Red Lion as part of the G3 Series HMIs to be used in indoor and outdoor applications can control and access a variety of extraneous resources allowing the model to easily enter and view information on the 3.2” pixel LED screen. All of the data required to run this unit will be entered through the thirty-two-button keypad. The keypad has easily identifiable keys for the user. 

The software used with this HMI is Crimson 2.0 software which can be configured to the user's liking, ensuring that all of the features are completely up to date. There are several different port types, which are a USB port, a CompactFlash card, and RS232 PGM ports which are used to configure the G303S000 device alongside the Crimson software. If the CompactFlash card has been chosen to configure this device the firmware and files needed to program this device will be put on the card and then inserted into the device and powered on. 

The Ethernet communications are vital to the operation of the G303S000 model. The communication will be established at the 10 Base-T or 100 Base-TX ports. Two LEDs are used to indicate the status of the Ethernet connection. If the bi-color LED is amber it indicates the HMI is using the 100 Base-TX communication, with a green LED indicating that the HMI is using 10 Base-T communication. If the LED is yellow flashing it shows that data is currently being transferred, with a solid yellow LED indicating that the ethernet link has been established. 

All of the associated LEDs and their colors can be found in the Red Lion G303-N Bulletin which is attached above. 

Frequently Asked Questions about G303S000

Are there any specific expansion option cards that can be used with the G303S000 model, or can they all be used with this panel?

Five option cards are available from Red Lion, which can all be used with the G303S000 panel. One of the option cards that can be connected to this panel is the Profibus card, otherwise known as model G3PB. The G3PB card is used to add Profibus connectivity to the G303S000 panel. Another option card that can be used is the optional communications cards; the fieldbus communication cards will allow the G303S panel to communicate with more fieldbus protocols. 

What features are available with the Crimson software that helps with the operation of the G303S000 panel?

Some of the features available on the Crimson software that can be used with the G303S000 panel are communications, data tagging, data logging, security management, web servers, programming, and user interfaces. Each feature has a unique function; for example, the web server feature provides remote access to the G303S000 panel through several mechanisms. The web server function can create pages or sites; one of these pages/sites is a web page that can create web pages that list tags to be formatted through different tag properties. 

Reviews For G303S000

Internal Review

Panel number G303S000 is one of the models with an easily readable display when used outdoors; thanks to the UV-rated overlay and glossy finish, the panel is best used not only for indoor applications but is specially rated for outdoor applications, which makes this model not only a better purchase but more efficient compared to the G303M000 panel. The keys on the G303S000 model are not embossed, making them much easier to read and use. - AX Control Tech

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Repair Services For G303S000

Type Lead Time Price Action
Repair Service 1-2 weeks $1355

Our highly skilled technicians can repair your G303S000. All of our repairs come with a 3 Year AX Control Warranty. Please contact us for additional information about our repair process. To receive the repair pricing and lead time listed above please process your repair order via our website. The following repair options may be available upon request:

  • 48-72hr Rush Repair
  • Detailed Repair Reports
  • AX Control Certificate of Warranty

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