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Reliance SP500 NEMA1 3 HP AC Drive. Call Now!

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1SU41003 Technical Specifications

  • Manufacturer: Reliance Electric
  • Series: SP500
  • Part Number: 1SU41003
  • HP: 3 HP
  • Input Voltage: 380-460 VAC
  • Enclosure: NEMA 1 or Chassis
  • Hz: 50/60Hz
  • Labeling: UL Listed, IEC Certified

1SU41003 Documents

Frequently Asked Questions About 1SU41003

  • What are the input and output amps on 1SU41003?
  • 1SU41003 has 6.4 input amps. 1SU41003 has 5.3 output amps.
  • What phase is a Reliance 1SU41003?
  • 1SU41003 is a three phase drive. All SP500 model numbers 1SU4xxxx drives are three phase, including 1SU41003.
  • Where can I find a manual for 1SU41003?
  • We can send you a link to the manual that goes with 1SU41003. The manual for 1SU41003 is the SP500 AC Drive Installation and Operation Manual - Manual D2-3356.This manual breaks down the 1SU41003 model number and the manual will help with troubleshooting a 1SU41003.