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3HP Inverter Drive



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  • Part Number: 6V41-5P0TA
  • SKU: 6V415P0TARE
  • Manufacturer: Reliance Electric
  • Series: GV6000 Drives

6V41-5P0TA Technical Specifications

Manufacturer Reliance Electric
Series GV6000
Part Number 6V41-5P0TA
Input Voltage 460 VAC
Enclosure NEMA 1 Air Cooled
Digital Input Voltage 24 VDC
Braking Transistor Included
Labeling UL Listed, IEC Certified

Product Description

6V41-5P0TA is a GV6000 AC Drive that is manufactured by Reliance Electric. The nominal duty horsepower is 3, the continuous amps are 5, and the frame is 0. The dimensions of frame 0 are 110 mm x 336 mm x 200 mm x 80 mm x 320 mm. This drive has a 460 VAC input and is enclosed in a NEMA 1 enclosure. A braking transistor comes standard on this unit. The I/O is 24 VDC.

There are a number of fault codes on the drive. Fault number 69 is a db resistance fault, which means that the resistance of the internal DB resistor is out of range. The resistor must be replaced if this fault occurs. Fault number 70 is a power unit fault, which is caused by insufficient base drive voltage or excessive transistor current. The output transistors may be damaged. Fault numbers 71-75 are port 1-5 net loss faults. Fault number 77 is an IR volts range fault, which means that the the value calculated for IR drop volts is not in the range of acceptable values. To correct this fault, re-enter the motor nameplate data. Fault number 78 is a FluxAmpsReference range fault, which means that the value for flux amps determined by the autotune procedure exceeds the programmed Motor NP FLA. To fix this fault, either reprogram the motor NP FLA or repeat the autotune procedure. Fault number 79 is an excessive load fault, which means that the motor did not reach its specified speed in the right period of time. To fix this fault, uncouple the load from the motor and repeat the autotune procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions about 6V41-5P0TA

Which fault is the software fault on a 6V41-5P0TA?
The fault code number for a software fault error on a 6V41-5P0TA is fault code 88. A software fault on a 6V41-5P0TA indicates a microprocessor handshake error. To correct the software fault on a 6V41-5P0TA, replace the 6V41-5P0TA drive's main control board.
How many output amps does a 6V41-5P0TA have at 1 minute and at 3 seconds?
A 6V41-5P0TA has 5 continuous output amps at 480 and at 400 VAC. Therefore, a 6V41-5P0TA has 5.5 output amps at 1 minute and 7.5 output amps at 3 seconds for both a 480 VAC and a 400 VAC input.
What are the input amps at 480 VAC for a 6V41-5P0TA?
The input amps for a 6V41-5P0TA GV6000 drive at 480 VAC are 3.9. At 400 VAC, the input amps for a 6V41-5P0TA are 4.6.
How big is a 6V41-5P0TA?
According to the GV6000 AC Drive User Manual, a 6V41-5P0TA has a size zero frame. The depth of a 6V41-5P0TA is 7.87 inches, the height of a 6V41-5P0TA is 13.23 inches, and the width of a 6V41-5P0TA is 4.33 inches. A 6V41-5P0TA GV6000 drive weighs 11.5lbs.
Where can I get a manual for a 6V41-5P0TA?
We are happy to send you a link to the GV6000 AC Drive User Manual. The manual contains information on installing and wiring a 6V41-5P0TA drive, programming a 6V41-5P0TA, and troubleshooting a 6V41-5P0TA. The manual is one of the most descriptive AC Drive manuals made by Reliance Electric and the manual will help greatly with identifying parts on your 6V41-5P0TA, parameters on your 6V41-5P0TA, and faults on your 6V41-5P0TA.

Repair Services For 6V41-5P0TA

Type Lead Time Price Action
Repair Service 1-2 weeks $1970

Our highly skilled technicians can repair your 6V41-5P0TA. All of our repairs come with a 3 Year AX Control Warranty. Please contact us for additional information about our repair process. To receive the repair pricing and lead time listed above please process your repair order via our website. The following repair options may be available upon request:

  • 48-72hr Rush Repair
  • Detailed Repair Reports
  • AX Control Certificate of Warranty

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