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Reliance Electric - GV3000 Drives - 790.46.00
2 year warranty

Reliance Electric - GV3000 Drives - 790.46.00
Reliance Electric - GV3000 Drives - 790.46.00 - Wiring


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The GV3000 series' bookshelf drive model 790.46.00 from Reliance Electric is a 100-125 HP, 50/60Hz 3-phase drive with a built-in keypad, an IP20-style enclosure, and a 380-460 VAC input voltage rating.



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  • Part Number: 790.46.00
  • SKU: 790.46.00RE
  • Manufacturer: Reliance Electric
  • Series: GV3000 Drives

790.46.00 Technical Specifications

Part Number 790.46.00
Series GV3000
Manufacturer Reliance Electric
Keypad/Display Built-In Keypad
Enclosure IP20
HP 100-125 HP
Instruction Manual D2-3426 & D2-3427
Hz 50/60Hz
Phase 3 Phase
Input Voltage 380-460 VAC
Vector Regulation Output 152 A @ 2 kHz
Short Circuit SYM RMS Rating 10 kA

Product Description

This Reliance Electric drive hails from the industry-respected GV3000 series of automated drive from Reliance Electric. As part of a legacy series, this drive may have been manufactured past the discontinuation of Reliance Electric GV3000 products, and may have been assembled by Baldor, Rockwell Automation, or ABB. The instruction manual that corresponds with this specific drive is available online in Reliance Electrics' manuals D2-3426 & D2-3427. It is important to note that this specific GV3000 series legacy drive is characterized as a bookshelf-style drive, given its small stature. The 790.46.00 model drive is available for both repair and replacement here at AXcontrol.

Hardware Tips and Specifications

The Reliance Electric drive 790.46.00 is from the GV3000 series of bookshelf drives. The enclosure type on the drive is IP20 which indicates that the enclosure is not water-tight but can protect the drive against solid objects greater than twelve millimeters. Two voltages are associated with the drive, one being an input voltage and the other being an output voltage, both voltages have the same range of 380 to 460 VAC. There are two different output amperages associated with the output voltage depending on the chosen regulation. For V/Hz (volts/hertz) regulation, the output is 240 A at 2 kHz. The horsepower of the 790.46.00 drive is  100-125 HP. 

A terminal strip is available on the 790.46.00 model, and can provide multiple important connections from the drive to:

  • Customer input/output (I/O) devices; the terminals used for customer I/O devices are status relay connections at terminals 28-31
  • Snubber resistor braking control connections at terminals 26-27
  • Twenty-four volts of direct current inputs connections at terminals 16-25
  • Analog torque/speed reference connections at terminals 12-15
  • Analog output connections at terminals 10-11
  • Encoder connections at terminal 4-9
  • and finally RS232 connections at terminals 1-3

Software Tips and Specifications

On the front panel of the 790.46.00 drive, there is a keypad, this keypad also has a display that is used to display the alarm, faults, and errors that have occurred on the drive. Both the fault and alarm conditions are indicated by a two- or three-letter code that will flash on the display screen. One of the alarm codes is denoted by S-Ac which describes that the vector regulator’s self-tuning is active meaning that the vector regulation is in progress and enabled. To turn the alarm off allow the vector self-tuning to run its course and then press the stop/keypad button on the keypad to cancel the vector self-tuning process. 

For more information on the 790.46.00 bookshelf drive refer to the D2-3426-2 GV3000/SE AC General Purpose (Volts/Hertz) and Vector Duty Bookshelf Drive Software Start-Up and Reference Manual or the D2-3427-3 Hardware Reference, Installation, and Troubleshooting Manual which provides an overview of the bookshelf drives and all parameters, alarm codes and faults. 


As a GV3000 legacy series drive, it is possible that the 790.46.00 drive has been manufactured by Reliance Electric, Baldor, or ABB. While this is true, the regulator version for the 790.46.00 drive can be identified through its American part number 240ER4060, which designates a drive regulator version of 6.0. AXcontrol is happy to offer a number of 6.0-version compatible regulator boards for this 790.46.00 model, including:

Frequently Asked Questions about 790.46.00

What are the two manuals for 790.46.00?
The manuals for 790.46.00 are Manuals D2-3426 and D2-3427. These manuals are the software and hardware manuals, respectively, for GV3000 bookshelf style drives, which would include 790.46.00.
How do you limit the current of 790.46.00's motor?
Use parameter P.005, the Current Limit parameter for 790.46.00, to limit 790.46.00's motor stator current. You can use this parameter while 790.46.00 is running at constant speed or while 790.46.00 is accelerating. The default setting for this parameter on 790.46.00 is 100% when 790.46.00 is at V/Hz regulation and 150% when 790.46.00 is at vector regulation.
What does fault code "LIL" mean on 790.46.00?
Fault code "LIL" on 790.46.00 indicates a low AC input line fault. This fault is caused when AC input line is low on 790.46.00 or while 790.46.00 is in SVC regulation, this fault indicates DC bus is being regulated. To correct this fault, you most likely need to adjust the linve voltage parameter on 790.46.00.
How much input KVA does 790.46.00 have?
790.46.00 has 3.2 KVA input.

Reviews For 790.46.00

Internal Review

Oftentimes known by its corresponding part number 240ER4060, the 790.46.00 drive is a bookshelf drive that has two menus, the first menu is used for general parameters with the second menu having general, vector, and volts/hertz parameters, and parameters used for the optional remote meter interface. This drive features an option board connector and a terminal strip for maximal drive customization capabilities, and is organized cleanly through the built-in LED interface of GV3000 series acclaim. - AX Control Lead Technician

Repair Services For 790.46.00

Type Lead Time Price Action
Repair Service 1-2 weeks $1740

Our highly skilled technicians can repair your 790.46.00. All of our repairs come with a 3 Year AX Control Warranty. Please contact us for additional information about our repair process. To receive the repair pricing and lead time listed above please process your repair order via our website. The following repair options may be available upon request:

  • 48-72hr Rush Repair
  • Detailed Repair Reports
  • AX Control Certificate of Warranty

AX Control Warranty Info

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