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GV3000/SE AC Bookshelf Drive 55ER4060 was produced by Reliance Electric. This model operates on a current rating of 5.5 A and does not have a CE Filter. The enclosure rating associated with the 55ER4060 drive is IP20 indicating that it is protected against solid objects greater than 12 mm.



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  • Part Number: 55ER4060
  • SKU: 55ER4060RE
  • Manufacturer: Reliance Electric
  • Series: GV3000 Drives

55ER4060 Technical Specifications

Manufacturer Reliance Electric
Series GV3000
Part Number 55ER4060
Speed Control Response Typical 15 Hz
Analog Output 0-10 VDC or 4-20 mA
Analog Speed Reference Resolution 1/1024 (10 bits) 0.1%
European Stock Number 896.03.11
Overcurrent IET 200% Load
Instruction Manual D2-3426 & D2-3427

Product Description

This drive, as part of the Reliance Electric GV3000 series of automated drive, may also be known by its European part number 896.03.11, and has since been discontinued by its original manufacturer. While this may be the case, a number of trusted retailers have stepped up in the years since 2009 to resume production of this particular drive. Depending on the year it was manufactured. this 55ER4060 drive may have been put out by companies including Baldor Electric, ABB, or industry giant Rockwell Automation. While somewhat more available than higher-voltage GV3000 series drives without CE filters, the discontinued status of the original GV3000 series does ensure some degree of market volatility. We are very much happy to offer this drive for both purchase and repair through, with a standard lead repair time of one to two weeks, and a guaranteed two-year warranty upon purchase.


Hardware Specifications

Reliance Electric’s Bookshelf Drive number 55ER4060 is a drive that operates without a CE filter, on a V/Hz current of 5.5 amperes. There are two available regulator versions on this model which are a vector regulator and a V/Hz regulator which stands for volts/hertz. The typical voltage range used to operate this model is three hundred and eighty to four hundred and sixty volts. This model also has a unique European stock number which is 896.03.11, the 03 in the stock number indicates the power module size. The last number in the code, which in this case is 11 indicates the terminal and transistor circuit type for this model, which are DC bus terminals and a braking transistor circuit. 

During the operation of the 55ER4060 drive input line branch circuit protection fuses are vital to ensure that the input power lines are fully protected. The AC input current for this model, which is dependent on the total line impedance, will be at an amperage of ten; the nominal external fuse allowed for the 55ER4060 drive is sixteen amperes with a maximum of twenty-five amperes. 

A braking resistor is required when operating the 55ER4060 bookshelf drive, there are two braking power settings associated with this drive which are twenty-five percent duty cycle and continuous, both of these braking powers are four and a half kilowatts. The turn-on braking power voltage is seven-hundred and fifty volts with the turn-off braking power voltage being seven-hundred and twenty volts. The minimum allowed external braking resistor associated with this drive is one-hundred and twenty-five Omega. 


Software Specifications

As with the majority of GV3000 series Reliance Electric drives, the 55ER4060 drive can run under either volts/hertz or vector regulation control patterns. While this drive is equipped with a default volts/hertz regulation system, the customizable parameter P.048 allows the drive user to select either type of control, accessible through the drive's extensive second menu of programmable parameters. The drive user may need to enter a factory-supplied second menu password to access the second menu of drive parameters. This entire process is relatively streamlined, and should take about five seconds in total.

As with any refurbished or vintage drive, this GV3000 series legacy model may come across the occasional hiccup in normal function, known as "faults" to the educated drive user. Outlined conveniently in Reliance Electrics' GV3000/SE AC Drive Software Reference Version 6.06, a number of faults may impact the 55ER4060 drive at an elevated rate due to its lack of a CE filter. One such fault particularly relevant to owners of this specific drive is the Earth current failure fault, designated on this drive's built-in keypad by the simple fault code EC. The Earth current failure fault happens with a concurrent unintentional grounding of the drive's output. Corrective action for this fault includes checking for correct isolation between 55ER4060's ground and output terminals. If the problem is not found with these terminals, various drive sensor replacements may be necessary. A more in-depth description of fault codes and programming specifications for the 55ER4060 drive is available online in Reliance Electrics' GV3000/SE AC Drive Software Reference, Version 6.06.



Although this GV3000 series drive sports somewhat of an unique model number, considering its inclusion of "ER," this product is identifiable nonetheless as a drive with a 6.0 regulator version. This updated 6.0 regulator version lends itself well to some of our additional offerings at AX control, as we offer a wide variety of printed circuit and regulatory boards. A few 6.0-version regulator boards compatible with the 55ER4060 drive's 55 HP rating, and available for purchase include:

Frequently Asked Questions about 55ER4060

What are the input and output amps on 55ER4060?
55ER4060 has 10 input amps and 55ER4060 has 5.5 output amps.
What does the "OL" fault code on 55ER4060 mean?
The "OL" fault code on 55ER4060 is the fault error for an electronic motor overload on 55ER4060. For further description of the fault, view Manual D2-3426 for 55ER4060. The fault is an auto-resettable fault, and the manual will tell you more about the fault and how to correct the fault on 55ER4060.
Which parameter allows you to restore 55ER4060 to default settings?
Parameter P.050 is the Restore Defaults parameter on 55ER4060. This parameter resets all first and second menu general parameters to factory default settings on 55ER4060. You can also adjust parameter P.049, the country defaults parameter, if you want 55ER4060 to be default set to another country's default settings.
Where can I find the manuals for 55ER4060?
We'll be happy to send you the manuals for 55ER4060. The manuals for 55ER4060 are Manual D2-3426 and Manual D2-3427. Manual D2-3426 is the software manual for 55ER4060 while manual D2-3427 is the hardware manual for 55ER4060. Both manuals are Reliance manuals and both manuals will help you greatly with 55ER4060.

Reviews For 55ER4060

Internal Review

Protected by a basic IP20 chassis rated for objects 12.5mm large and above, the primary downside of the 55ER4060 drive is that the enclosure rating is not water-tight; if water gets into the drive, the drive will likely malfunction and stray from normative processes. This part may be more often referred to by its European part number 896.03.11, or by its catalog number of GV3000E-AC005-AA-DBU. - AX Control Lead Technician

Repair Services For 55ER4060

Type Lead Time Price Action
Repair Service 1-2 weeks $1654

Our highly skilled technicians can repair your 55ER4060. All of our repairs come with a 3 Year AX Control Warranty. Please contact us for additional information about our repair process. To receive the repair pricing and lead time listed above please process your repair order via our website. The following repair options may be available upon request:

  • 48-72hr Rush Repair
  • Detailed Repair Reports
  • AX Control Certificate of Warranty

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