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Reliance Electric 50V4160 50HP 460V NEMA 1 GV3000/SE VTAC7 Vector Sensorless Enhanced AC Drive


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Reliance Electric 50V4160 50HP 460V NEMA 1 GV3000/SE VTAC7 Vector Sensorless Enhanced AC Drive



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Frequently Asked Questions about 50V4160

How many input and output amps does 50V4160 have?
50V4160 has 72 input amps. 50V4160 has 67 output amps.
What is the torque control response on 50V4160?
50V4160 has a 180-220Hz torque control response.
What is an "OC" fault error caused by on 50V4160?
Fault code error "OC" is the fault for overcurrent at a steady state on 50V4160. This fault trips at 200% rated current on 50V4160. This fault can be caused by various reasons on 50V4160. This fault can be caused by an output phase-to-phase short, bus voltage line-to-line, ground fault, momentary overload, bad 50V4160 motor, torque boost/V/Hz too high, motor unknown to 50V4160 regulator, parameter settings when 50V4160 is in vector regulation, or encoder wired incorrectly on 50V4160. There are different corrective actions for each possible fault cause when "OC" fault occurs on 50V4160.
How do I find the manuals for 50V4160?
We can send you links to the manuals for 50V4160. The manuals for 50V4160 are the GV3000 software and hardware manuals for NEMA style drives, which includes 50V4160. We can easily send the manuals right over to you. The manuals are Manuals D2-3359 and D2-3360.

Product Description

The 50V4160 device is an AC drive that was developed by Reliance Electric to be included inside of the GV3000 series. The 50V4160 AC drive is not being produced by Reliance Electric anymore, but AX Control may still have this product in stock and available for purchase. This can be verified by looking at this page on our website.

The 50V4160 AC drive is a big item with a very small operator interface unit. This interface unit has a display, numerous LEDs, and many different buttons for drive functions and display control. The small display has four digits and is meant to show fault and parameter codes.

The 50V4160 AC drive’s output is rated as having an amperage of 67.0 A no matter what kHz rating at which it is operating. The 50V4160 AC drive’s input, on the other hand, is rated as being 72.0 A and 57.3 kVA. The input voltage for this device is set to a range of 380 VAC through 460 VAC. The 50V4160 AC drive overall has the V/Hz or Vector selected regulation and a horsepower rating of 50 HP. In addition to all of that, the fuse rating of this device is 125 A, where the recommended fuse type is time delay, UL Class J, 600 V fuse type. At full load, the power loss is rated as being 1200 Watts.

This item possesses the following dimensions: 14.80” x 23.82” x 12.13” x 22.25” x 13.78” and the total weight is approximately 57.00 lbs. or 25.80 kg.

50V4160 Technical Specifications

Enclosure Type 1/IP20
HP 50 HP
Hz 50/60Hz
Input Voltage 380-460 VAC
Instruction Manual D2-3359 & D2-3360
Keypad/Display Built-In Keypad
kW 37.3kW
Manufacturer Reliance Electric
Part Number 50V4160
Phase 3 Phase
Series GV3000

AX Control Warranty Info

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All PLCs and HMIs: 3 years
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50V4160 Manuals, White Papers, Data Sheets, and Troubleshooting