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The Reliance Electric GV3000 series' model 31ET4060 is a bookshelf drive with an IP20 enclosure, a 25A max external fuse, six potential output amperages, and a full load power loss wattage of 60 watts.



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  • Part Number: 31ET4060
  • SKU: 31ET4060RE
  • Manufacturer: Reliance Electric
  • Series: GV3000 Drives

31ET4060 Technical Specifications

Weight Approximately 12 pounds
Full Load Power Loss Watts 60 Watts
Turn-Off Voltage 720 V
KVA Input 3.2
V/Hz Current Rating 3.1 A
European Stock Number 896.01.31
Continuous Braking Current 6 A rms
Regulator PCB Quantity 1
Dimensions Width A 3.74" x Height 14.88 " x Width C 1.50" x Depth 7.87" x Mounting Height 16.61"
Max External Fuse 25 A

About the 31ET4060

A unique and customizable drive, the 31ET4060 drive is highly-sought after for its combination of limited market availability and unique drive specifications. Unlike many Reliance Electric GV3000 series models, this drive features the "ET" moniker instead of the V symbol, conveying that this drive comes standard with a CE filter for enhanced drive filtration purposes. This drive, as with many others in the GV3000 series, is considered a legacy drive, as its manufacturing ceased in 2009 with Reliance Electrics' own discontinuation of the GV3000 drive series. The relevance of the GV3000 line of automated drives caused other manufacturers such as ABB, Rockwell Automation, and Baldor Electric to start their own manufacturing of the product in recent years, so this product may really be from any one of those trusted retailers. At Axcontrol, we attempt to refurbish many vintage or discontinued drives, and we offer the 31ET4060 drive for both repairs and purchases. The standard lead repair time for this model is one to two weeks, and we offer a comprehensive two-year warranty as well.

Hardware Tips and Specifications

A solid Reliance Electric drive, the 31ET4060 drive is designated as an "ET" model drive as it comes equipped with the important CE filter. This drive features a number of other important hardware specifications, including but not limited to a 720V turn off voltage, a KVA input of 3.2 KVA, a V/Hz current rating of 3.1 A, and a max external fuse of 25 A. Before attempting installation of this IP20-enclosed drive, the drive's full range of dimensions must be considered. This drive, weighing in at twelve pounds total, has a Width A of 3.74" , a Height of 14.88 ", a  Width C of 1.50", a Depth of 7.87", and finally a Mounting Height of 16.61". For a detailed diagramming of the different dimensions present in the 31ET4060 drive, please make use of Reliance Electrics' helpful GV3000/SE AC Bookshelf Drive Hardware Reference, Version 6.06. This is available under the "manuals" tab for this product above.

Software Tips and Specifications

The front-panel display/keypad on the 31ET4060 drive can monitor, control, and program the drive. There are two modes used for the operation of the drive which are programming and monitoring modes. Depending on the mode chosen to configure the drive there are different functions; when in monitoring mode otherwise known as default mode, the user can monitor the speed and frequency reference on the drive or monitor specific drive outputs. When the keypad has been configured to program mode the user can adjust and view the parameter values set on the drive as well as thoroughly examine the error log. The remaining information pertaining to the programming, monitoring, and controlling of the display/keypad can be found in the third chapter of the D2-3426-2 GV3000/SE AC General Purpose (Volts/Hertz) and Vector Duty Bookshelf Drive Software Start-Up and Reference Manual. 

There are five parameters in the second menu of the keypad. The parameters are as follows, error log, RMI parameters, V/Hz parameters, general parameters, and vector parameters. There are different descriptions for each of the parameter sets. For example, the RMI parameters will only be used when the optional remote meter interface (RMI) board has been installed on the drive; the parameter range is labeled as r.001 through r.066. 

There are a variety of faults that can occur during the operation of the drive. One of the fault codes that could potentially cause issues is OH which indicates that the drive has reached overtemperature due to the cooling fan within the drive having failed. To correct this issue check several items which are the cooling fan, the ambient temperature of the drive, and ensure that the minimum clearances around the drive have been met. 


As with many GV3000 series legacy drives from Reliance Electric, this 31ET4060 model drive ships equipped with an updated, industry-standard 6.0 regulator version. This regulator version allows for the compatibilty and installation of several regulator printed circuit option boards available right here through AXcontrol, including:

Frequently Asked Questions about 31ET4060

What is the maximum continuous braking current on 31ET4060?
31ET4060 has a 6 amp RMS continuous braking current.
Which parameter recognizes the performance of the magnetizing current regulator on 31ET4060?
Parameter U.021, the Rotor Time Constant/Fast Flux Up Parameter, on 31ET4060 is the parameter that determines the performance of the magnetizing current regulator on 31ET4060. It is recommended you don't adjust this parameter, but this parameter does have the option to be adjusted. Parameter U.021 has a 0 to 9999 ms parameter range on 31ET4060.
What is the part number for the regulator PCB that goes with 31ET4060?
The regulator PCB for 31ET4060 is P/N 814.61.00. When ordering this part for 31ET4060, specify firmware version 790.46.00A.
Which manual is more helpful with wiring a Reliance 31ET4060?
The hardware manual for 31ET4060 will be the more helpful manual when it comes to wiring a 31ET4060. The hardware manual is Manual D2-3427 and chapters 4-8 in the manual cover wiring 31ET4060. Chapter 4 in the manual tells you how to find wire routing locations on 31ET4060, chapter 5 in the manual is on input wiring, chapter 6 in the manual is on output wiring, and chapters 7 and 8 are wiring for other things on a Reliance GV3000 31ET4060.

Reviews For 31ET4060

Internal Review

This bookshelf-style drive, once again from Reliance Electrics' GV3000 legacy series, is equipped with an output relay terminal strip for convenient fuse or PCB connection, and also features a 6.0 regulator version compatible with many regulator boards for sale here at AXcontrol. This drive adheres to many machine safety standards, and should be clean, cool and dry prior to installation. - AX Control Lead Technician

Repair Services For 31ET4060

Type Lead Time Price Action
Repair Service 1-2 weeks $1338

Our highly skilled technicians can repair your 31ET4060. All of our repairs come with a 3 Year AX Control Warranty. Please contact us for additional information about our repair process. To receive the repair pricing and lead time listed above please process your repair order via our website. The following repair options may be available upon request:

  • 48-72hr Rush Repair
  • Detailed Repair Reports
  • AX Control Certificate of Warranty

AX Control Warranty Info

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