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The 31ER4060 drive is produced by Reliance Electric as part of their series of GV3000/SE AC Drives and does not have a CE filter and has a rating of 3.1 Amp. The power loss wattage that the 31ER4060 drive has is sixty watts.



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  • Part Number: 31ER4060
  • SKU: 31ER4060RE
  • Manufacturer: Reliance Electric
  • Series: GV3000 Drives

31ER4060 Technical Specifications

European Stock Number 896.01.11
Weight 12 lbs
Part Number 31ER4060
Volts/Hertz Current Rating 3.1 A
Output Amps by Mode on 4 kHz in V/Hz 3.1
Enclosure IP20
Input Amps 5
Phase 3 Phase
Input KVA 4.0
Instruction Manual D2-3426 & D2-3427

Product Description

Model number 31ER4060 is one of the many bookshelves drives part of the GV3000/SE AC Series which was manufactured by Reliance Electric. The ER variables in the order code denote what kind of bookshelf drive the model is, and as such denotes that this model is not equipped with a CE filter. The 60 at the end of the order code indicates the regulator version which is both vector and V/Hz (Volts/Hertz) and requires a minimum firmware version of 6.0. This model of GV3000 series drive is sometimes more identifiable by its correspondent European part number 896.01.11, and is considered a member of a Reliance Electric legacy series. As a member of this legacy series, the 31ER4060 could have been manufactered by a number of trusted retailers following Reliance Electrics' own eventual discontinuation of the product, including Baldor Electric, ABB, or Rockwell Automation. AXcontrol is happy to offer this part for both repair and replacement, with a standard lead repair time of one to two weeks.


Hardware Tips and Specifications

When the 31ER4060 drive is being mounted/installed it is vital to ensure that the drive has enough clearance for airflow, the following clearances are the minimum clearances that can be used with this model; 

  • Between Other Large Drives: 1.5”

  • Between the Bookshelf Drive and Side Cabinet Walls: .75:”

  • Above and Below the Bookshelf Drive: 4”

  • Between Bookshelf Drives: .25”

Ensuring that the airflow qualifications are met ensures that the model will operate at maximum capacity. Please note that bookshelf drives can be mounted together but under no circumstances should the models be mounted directly above each other. 

Another feature vital to the installation of the 31ER4060 drive is the input line branch circuit fuses, these fuses are used to protect the input power lines associated with this drive. The nominal fuse associated with this model is six amperes with a maximum external fuse of twenty-five amperes. There is also an alternating current (AC) input current on this device which is five amperes.

For more information pertaining to the hardware specifications of the GV3000/SE AC Drives refer to the D2-3427-3 Bookshelf Drive Ver 6.06 Hardware Reference, Installation, and Troubleshooting Manual from which the aforementioned information is taken. 


Software Tips and Specifications

This bookshelf drive from the GV3000 legacy series, while impressive in its hardware specifications alone, features several convenient and customizable software parameters for efficient drive function. Split up into two separate drive menus accessible through the drive's built-in keypad display, one of 31ER4060's menus contains general parameters P.000 to P.006, with the second menu storing parameters for more complex operations. This drive's second parameter menu is accessible through careful use of the drive's PROGRAM key, available on the colorful LED interface. A second menu password parameter setting is needed to access this drive's full parameter table. Please note that if an optional RMI board is installed in the drive, then its correspondent RMI parameter would be accessible through the second menu as well. Both the first and second menus of the 31ER4060 drive support parameters for both volts/hertz and vector programming, as this is considered a dually-regulated drive.

If proper clearances are not ensured for the regular function of the 31ER4060 drive, this drive can be faced with the drive overtemperature fault. Symbolized with the fault code OH on the drive's built-in keypad display, this fault is due to a failure of the drive's cooling fan; usually compounded by a lack of sufficient drive clearance space. To return the 31ER4060 drive to regulatory function, the conscious user must check to the drive's ambient temperature, cooling fan, and minimum clearances immediately. For more information on GV3000 drive fault code troubleshooting and drive programming, please make use of Reliance Electric's informative and detailed Software Start-Up and Reference Manual D2-3359-6.



While unique from many of the popular GV3000 series models of Relaicne Electric drive, the 31ER4060 does have a 6.0 regulator version, which encourages the use of several specific 6.0 regulator boards offered right here through AXcontrol. Our compatible PCB options for this 6.0 version drive include:

Frequently Asked Questions about 31ER4060

What is the magnetizing current on 31ER4060?
31ER4060 has a default magnetizing current of 51.2. The magnetizing current parameter on 31ER4060 is parameter number U.006.
What are the input and output amps on 31ER4060?
31ER4060 has 5 input amps. 31ER4060 has 3.1 output amps.
What does fault code "F3" mean on 31ER4060?
Fault code "F3" on 31ER4060 is the fault that indicates an encoder power-up diagnostic error on 31ER4060. This fault is caused by an encoder voltage being less than 10V. To correct this fault on 31ER4060, first try turning off 31ER4060 and disconnecting the encoder wiring from 31ER4060's terminal strip. If the "F3" fault error does not appear again, the fault error occurred from a problem within the wiring. If the "F3" fault does appear again on 31ER4060, the regulator board on 31ER4060 should be replaced.
Where can I find information on fault codes and parameter descriptions for 31ER4060?
You can find information on fault codes in the troubleshooting section of the software manual for 31ER4060, Manual D2-3426. You can find parameter descriptions for 31ER4060 in the hardware manual for 31ER4060, Manual D2-3427. Both the hardware manual and the software manual will help you greatly with 31ER4060 and parameter values and fault codes for 31ER4060 specifically.

Reviews For 31ER4060

Internal Review

Specific cross-cable sections are required during the operation of the 31ER4060 model, this model requires a maximum braking current of 6 A rms with a minimum cross-cable section of 16 AWG or 1 millimeter squared. This particular model additionally features an IP20-type power module enclosure protective against solid objects no larger than a finger, although the enclosure offers no waterproofing support. - AX Control Lead Technician

Repair Services For 31ER4060

Type Lead Time Price Action
Repair Service 1-2 weeks $1115

Our highly skilled technicians can repair your 31ER4060. All of our repairs come with a 3 Year AX Control Warranty. Please contact us for additional information about our repair process. To receive the repair pricing and lead time listed above please process your repair order via our website. The following repair options may be available upon request:

  • 48-72hr Rush Repair
  • Detailed Repair Reports
  • AX Control Certificate of Warranty

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