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Reliance Electric GV-3000 GV3000/SE 10 HP 230V Nema 1 Variable Frequency AC Drive.


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Reliance Electric GV-3000 GV3000/SE 10 HP 230V Nema 1 Variable Frequency AC Drive.



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Frequently Asked Questions about 10V2160

How many horsepower is 10V2160?
10V2160 is a 10 horsepower drive.
What is the fan assembly replacement part number for 10V2160?
The fan assembly replacement part for 10V2160 is part number 907004.
What is the motor lead length on 10V2160?
10V2160's motor lead lengths are 76 meters total.
Which manual do I use for 10V2160?
Use Manual D2-3388 for 10V2160. The manual is a Reliance manual for 10V2160. The manual is the GV3000/SE AC Drive Hardware Reference, Installation, and Troubleshooting Manual for 1-20 HP drives at 230 VAC. The manual for 10V2160 is Version 6.04.

Product Description

The 10V2160 is a GV3000/SE AC Drive made by Reliance Electric. It is a Pulse-Width-Modulation drive that has the ability to regulate a lot of different motor applications. This drive is 10HP and 200-230 VAC. It has an input KVA of 15.5. It has a max input amperage of 39A and a max output amperage of 35A. It has a full load power loss of 250 watts.  It is protected by a NEMA 1 style enclosure. This enclosure is vented and is meant to be used in indoor applications. The enclosure also has a communications access door that can give the user access to the communications port without actually needing to remove the front panel of the drive. It has a 70A AC input fuse rating.

There are many different components that come in a standard 10V2160. Some of these include a regulator PCB, a fan assembly, a keypad that has a mounting bracket attached to it, a PISC board, a GVPB board, and an internal fan assembly. There is a 9-pin d-shell RS-232 serial connection that is located on the regulator. This port has the capacity to provide communication between the drive and a PC. The PC needs to have Control and Configuration Software (CS3000) installed onto it to facilitate this communication.  There are two optional boards that can be installed to the regulator and placed in the drive. These optional boards are the DeviceNet Option Board and an Operator Interface Module. 

The 10V2160 has a keypad that has 16 drive status LEDs, a display with four 7-segment LEDs, a start key, a stop/reset key, monitor mode LEDs, a password LED, and up/down arrow keys.  

10V2160 Technical Specifications

Enclosure NEMA 1
HP 10 HP
Hz 60Hz
Input Voltage 200-230 VAC
Instruction Manual D2-3388
Keypad/Display Built-In Keypad
Manufacturer Reliance Electric
Part Number 10V2160
Series GV3000

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