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7.5HP AC ’VS’ Drive by Reliance


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7.5HP AC ’VS’ Drive by Reliance



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Frequently Asked Questions about 2GU22007

Where is the PROGRAM ENABLE button on the 2GU22007?
The PROGRAM ENABLE LED is on the bottom left-hand side of the 2GU22007 drive's built-in keypad.
What does the NEMA 12 enclosure on a Reliance Electric GP2000 2GU22007 mean?
The NEMA 12 enclosure on a 2GU22007 provides industrial use. It indicates the 2GU22007 is dust-tight and drip-tight and it tells us that the 2GU22007 is meant for indoor purposes and the 2GU22007 is not ventilated.
What kind of regulator is on the GP2000 2GU22007?
The 2GU22007 has a microprocessor based regulator.
What are the maximum input and output amps on a Reliance Electric 2GU22007?
The maximum input amps on a 2GU22007 are 28.2 and the maximum output amps on a 2GU22007 are 24.

Product Description

Reliance Electric designed the 2GU22007 to be a 7.5HP 200/230V 11.2 KVA drive. It is a part of the GP2000 series of AC V*S drives. It is 50/60Hz and 3-Phase. Depending on production years, there is a chance that this drive was also sold by ABB and Baldor Reliance.  

The 2GU22007 has a keypad and LED lights in the center of its very large faceplate. This keypad has many keys and LED indicators that have the capacity to provide information for the status of the drive. On the keypad there is a red stop/reset key and a key that is green that says start. There are buttons that are labeled pgm, set, and mon. There is a trio of corresponding LED and keys that are labeled run/jog, fwd/rev, and auto/man. There is a set of LEDs that have been labeled local and remote control. There is a 4-digit LED and a 2-digit LED that is in charge of displaying output frequencies, voltage, error codes, and motor RPM. There is an LED that indicates drive configurations.

On the inside of the 2GU22007, there are many types of internal components. There is a main regulator that is connected to many different things. It is connected to the keypad and LED system that is described in the previous paragraph. It is connected to a base driver and power supply. The regulator is connected to a current leakage sensor, two ACCTs, and a fan. The user also has the ability to connect optional kits to the regulator using CN connectors. Also included in the drive inner circuitry are diode cubes, precharge relays, bus clamps, resistors, transistor modules, and a noise filter.  

2GU22007 Technical Specifications

Enclosure NEMA 12
HP 7.5 HP
Input Voltage 200-230 VAC
Keypad/Display Built-In Keypad
Labeling UL Listed, IEC Certified
Manufacturer Reliance Electric
Part Number 2GU22007
Phase 3 Phase
Series GP-2000

AX Control Warranty Info

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