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Reliance Electric 7FR4042 460 VAC 50/60 Hz FlexPak 3000 Regenerative Drive



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  • Part Number: 7FR4042
  • SKU: 7FR4042RE
  • Manufacturer: Reliance Electric
  • Series: FlexPak 3000

7FR4042 Technical Specifications

Manufacturer Reliance Electric
Series FlexPak 3000
Part Number 7FR4042
HP 7.5 HP
Input Voltage 460 VAC
Hz 50/60Hz

Product Description

7FR4042 is a FlexPak 3000 regenerative drive controller that is manufactured by Reliance Electric. The input voltage is 460 VAC and the enclosure is a chassis. The LCD indicators on the controller include Fault, Alarm, Interlock OK, Drive Ready, Running, Current Limit/Torque Limit. The LED indicators are (LED 1) CPU OK and (LED 2) OIM COMM OK. The OIM programming keys and the drive control keys allow the user to program the drive. The OIM programming keys allow the user to tune the drive, scale inputs/outputs, set drive limits, access fault/alarm logs, monitor several drive settings, and save user configurations or restore to/from non-volatile memory. The drive control keys exclusively control the motor. These include control source select, auto/manual, forward/reverse, jog, run, stop/reset.

A transformer may be installed on the drive in order to step up or step down the input voltage. An isolation transformer minimizes A-C power line disturbances and transients and provides electrical isolation to the drive from plant power system grounds. An input disconnect must be installed on the drive by wiring it in the primary circuit of the drive isolation transformer (if used). If you would like to order this part, please click the Request a Quote button above for pricing information. If you already own this part and require a repair, please click the Request Repair button above. If you have any questions regarding this part, similar parts in this series, or the series in general, please contact AX Control any of the ways listed above.

Frequently Asked Questions about 7FR4042

What manual is recommended for a FlexPak 3000 7FR4042 drive?
Reliance Electric recommends Instruction Manual D2-3375 for the 7FR4042 drive. This manual goes through 7FR4042 specifications, 7FR4042 input and output selections, 7FR4042 description, installing and wiring the 7FR4042, drive setup and adjustment, parameter values on the 7FR4042, Quick Start, troubleshooting of the 7FR4042 and replacement parts.
What is the listing on a 7FR4042?
Because of the "2" at the end of the model number 7FR4042, the 7FR4042 drive is UL Listed, C/UL Listed, and CE Certified.
Is the 7FR4042 a horsepower-rated drive or a current-rated drive?
7FR4042 is a horespower-rated drive because the horsepower of 3/7.5 on the 7FR4042 is lower than 1000 and the 7FR4042 is a regenerative drive.
What is the DC field rating on a 7FR4042?
The DC field rating on a Reliance FlexPak 3000 7FR4042 is 150/300 VDC. The output current on the 7FR4042 is 240/500 VDC.

Repair Services For 7FR4042

Type Lead Time Price Action
Repair Service 1-2 weeks $4206

Our highly skilled technicians can repair your 7FR4042. All of our repairs come with a 3 Year AX Control Warranty. Please contact us for additional information about our repair process. To receive the repair pricing and lead time listed above please process your repair order via our website. The following repair options may be available upon request:

  • 48-72hr Rush Repair
  • Detailed Repair Reports
  • AX Control Certificate of Warranty

AX Control Warranty Info

All products we sell are backed by our unparalleled warranty. A warranty certificate will be provided with your order upon request.
All PLCs, HMIs, and Turbine Control Boards: 3 Years
All AC/DC and Servo Drives: 2 Years
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