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Reliance Electric 40FR4042 FlexPak 3000 460 VAC 50/60 Hz Regenerative Drive


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Reliance Electric 40FR4042 FlexPak 3000 460 VAC 50/60 Hz Regenerative Drive



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Frequently Asked Questions about 40FR4042

What is the DC field rating and the input/output amps on a 40FR4042?
The 40FR4042 has a DC field rating on 150/300 VDC with 15 amps. The input amps on the 40FR4042 are 63 and the output amps are 73. 
What digital signal features does the 40FR4042 come with?
The 40FR4042 comes with mulitple digital signal feature such as coast stop, auto/manual, forward/reverse, jog, run, and stop inputs as well as motor thermostat diagnostic input. 
Can AX Control repair my 40FR4042?
If your 40FR4042 needs to be repaired please contact AX Control. Our technicians are able to complete board level repairs on many devices including the 40FR4042. Once all repairs are compelte, we will preform a fully function test to ensure your drive is functioning correctly. 
What languages can the operator interface display?
The operator interface module on the 40FR4042 can display tex in six different languages, The languages available are english, spanish, french, german, italian, and alphanumeric code. 

Product Description

The 40FR4042 is a FlexPak 3000 40 HP DC Regenerative Drive. It was initially created by Reliance Electric and possibly sold by ABB or Baldor Reliance. This series of drives have been discontinued by these companies, but AX Control still attempts to keep them in stock as refurbished or new surplus stock items.

The 40FR4042 has an input of 50/60 Hz, 63A, 460 VAC and is 3-phase. It has an output of 240/500 VDCs and 73A. It has a DC field rating of 150/300 VDC and 15A. It has a torque in rating of 120 lbs. It has a 10 kiloamp short circuit rating. This drive is 10.65” wide, 18.79” tall, 12.23” thick and it weighs roughly 58lbs. A maximum of three of these drives can be used on the same transformer.

The 40FR4042 has an open style-chassis. There are optional kits that are available that can convert this chassis into a NEMA 1 or a NEMA 12 enclosure. On top of the drive are a series of three semiconductors and wiring that leads to the internal components of the drive. On the bottom of the drive is an external fan assembly that helps to ensure air is circulating through the internal circuitry. The front of this drive has a display and keypad. The display is an LCD that provides many different features. It has extensive diagnostics, drive status indicators, parameter value displays, multi-language text options, and a “Quick Start” option. There is a panel on the back and brackets on the bottom of the drive that can be used to mount it.

40FR4042 Technical Specifications

HP 40 HP
Hz 50/60Hz
Input Voltage 460 VAC
Manufacturer Reliance Electric
Part Number 40FR4042
Series FlexPak 3000

AX Control Warranty Info

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