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Reliance Electric DM-100 170/340 VDC Brush-less Servo Drive


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Reliance Electric DM-100 170/340 VDC Brush-less Servo Drive



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Frequently Asked Questions about DM-100

What are the continuous amps and peak amps on a Reliance DM-100?
DM-100 has 50 continuous amps and DM-100 has 100 peak amps.
What is the bus voltage on DM-100?
DM-100 has a bus voltage of 125-375 VDC. DM-100 has 325 VDC with 230 VAC input.
What is the shipping weight of a Reliance DM-100?
DM-100 has a shipping weight of 24.2lbs or 11kg.
Where can I find the manual for the DM-100?
The DM-100 is included in the BRU-500 Series manual along with other BRU-500 drives. You can find the BRU-500 manual on our website, 

Product Description

The DM-100 is a model of the Reliance Electric BRU-500 series of Servo Drives. It could be also sold under the Baldor Reliance and ABB production lines depending on when it was created.  It is no longer being supported by any of these companies and is a legacy series drive. AX Control attempts to keep it stocked.

The DM-100 has a 125/375 VDC bus voltage or a value of 325VDCs with a 230VAC input. It has a continuous and peak amperage of 50A and 100A respectively. It has a wattage loss of 275W maximum. This drive’s purpose is to provide an Electro-Craft motor with the necessary power and control to function. It is suggested to use an S-Series, F-series, or I-series motor with this drive. The motors that this includes are the S-6200, S-8350, F-6200, F-6300, or I-5300 TEAO. TEAO stands for "totally enclosed air over."

The DM-100 has 4 LED indicators on its faceplate. They are labeled 1-4 and show a user that either the drive is functioning as it should be or that it has errors present. There is a set of connection ports that are labeled P1 Communication, P2 I/O, P3 Encoder Off, P4 Encoder In, P5 Monitor, P6 Serial. This drive has two exposed fans on its bottom. It should be mounted vertically onto a totally flat surface like a panel or backplane. Nothing should be mounted directly above, below, or next to it to keep the drive components from overheating. It has brackets that can be used along with a set of bolts and washers to mount it to the panel.

DM-100 Technical Specifications

Input Voltage 170/340 VDC
Manufacturer Reliance Electric
Part Number DM-100
Series BRU-500

AX Control Warranty Info

All products we sell are backed by our unparalleled warranty.
All PLCs and HMIs: 3 years
All AC/DC and Servo Drives: 2 years
All Motors: 1 year
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DM-100 Manuals, White Papers, Data Sheets, and Troubleshooting